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In the Headlines

January 2011

U.S. News & World Report (January 31)

Survival After Stroke Better for Blacks

This finding might seem odd since conventional wisdom says black patients typically fare worse than whites when it comes to medical care in general. However, the same trend has been noticed in other areas such as heart attack and heart failure, hip fractures and gastrointestinal bleeding, the University of Rochester researchers added. “The question is why that might be the case,” said study author Dr. Robert Holloway, a professor of neurology.  (Also Reported in: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, MSNBC, Reuters, MSN, Yahoo! News, WebMD, Science Daily, and others)

UPI (January 7)

Helicopter-transport patients do better

Lead author Dr. Mark Gestring, director of the Kessler Trauma Center at the University of RochesterMedical Center in New York, says helicopter-transport patients not only tend to be more severely injured, but also travel greater distances, require more hospital resources – including intensive care unit, use of a ventilator to assist breathing and urgent surgery – yet are more likely to survive than patients brought to trauma centers by ground ambulance.  (Also Reported in:, Science Daily)

U.S. News & World Report (January 25)

Some Older Drivers’ Vision Problems Different Than Thought

older driversThe reason that many older drivers have difficulty seeing other cars, cyclists or pedestrians moving around them isn’t necessarily the result of a reduced ability to perceive moving objects, but rather a heightened awareness of background movement, a new study from the University of Rochester suggests.  (Also Reported in: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Scientific American, MSN, Newsday,, Yahoo! News, e!Science News, and others)

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (January 26)

Meal or No Meal

David Aguila wins a free meal and plays with the Tonight Show band after he revealed a talent he’s developed alongside his musical ability …
Jay Leno: Where are you from?
David Aquila: I live in Avon Park, Florida, but I go to school at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.
Jay Leno: Eastman School, so you’re a musician. What is your talent you’re going to impress us with?
David Aquila: I’m going to be solving the Rubik’s Cube with my left hand while playing the Haydn Trumpet Concerto with my right hand.