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New Scientist Magazine, United Kingdom (March 22 issue)

Stressed parents equals sick kids

Stressed parents aren't just damaging their own health - they may also be making their children more vulnerable to illness. Stress is well known to affect a personís own physical health, but the effect on their children's health was unclear. To investigate, Mary Caserta and her colleagues at the University of Rochester in New York asked the parents of 169 children aged between 5 and 10 to monitor their child's health over three years, recording symptoms of illnesses and taking their temperatures. (Also reported by NBC News: Today, ABC News, Fox News, New India, This is London United Kingdom, Alalam News Network Iran, Joy Online Ghana, T he Estonia, BBC News United Kingdom, Daily Mail United Kingdom, Thailand and other publications)

MSNBC (March 18)

New clues to the most amazing shapes in space

ant nebula

Ant Nebula (Photo: NASA)

Researchers at the University of Rochester have found that low-mass stars, or possibly even gas-giant planets, orbiting these aged stars could be pivotal in creating some of the nebulae's unusual shapes. "Few researchers have explored how something as small as a very low-mass star, a brown dwarf or even a massive planet can produce several flavors of nebulae and even change the chemical composition of the dust around these evolved stars," said study leader Eric Blackman. (Also reported by Malaysia Sun, Fox News,, Universe Today, Science, Top News India, Thailand, The Cheers Estonia,, Astrobiology Magazine, India, Space Daily California)

NPR (March 31)

'Prosperity Gospel' Churches' Spending Reports Due

Anthea Butler

Monday is the deadline for some popular mega-churches to report to Congress on how they spend their money. These churches all preach wealth as an essential part of faith. Steve Inskeep speaks with University of Rochester Religion Professor Anthea Butler about "prosperity gospel."
INSKEEP: What are these guys suspected of, exactly?
PROF. BUTLER: Having too much money, and actually wasting money, because who would run a non-profit and have to have a Bentley or a Lear jet, right? (NOTE: The complete text of this interview is available upon request from University Communications.)


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