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In the Headlines

September 2013

Boston Globe (Sept 1)

College swimmer sets sights on Antarctica

swimmer next to photo of glacier
Avery Palardy, a junior at the University of Rochester, will resume formal classes this week, return to workouts with the school’s swim team later in the month, then in early November trade in all her college comforts for an airplane ticket and tent space on the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica.

Time Magazine (Sept 5)

The Hottest Seats in Class

lecture hall seats
...Professors don’t have to be famous to be big names on campus. Some have hundreds or even thousands of students competing for a seat in their class. Others have developed cult followings of a few dedicated acolytes.

Inside Higher Education (Sept 9)

Fake Professor, Real Course

man pointing at chalkboard
The first instructor was there as part of a prank pulled off by the Chamber Boys, a student radio show. The real instructor -- Benjamin Hafensteiner -- was in on the joke.

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Wall Street Journal (Sept 1)

Book Review: 'Down in the Chapel,' by Joshua Dubler

down in the chapel book graphic
Toward the beginning of "Down in the Chapel," Joshua Dubler describes a conversation he had with an inmate at Graterford Prison, a maximum-security facility about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

WROC TV CBS 8 Rochester (September 6)

U of R Prof's Op-Ed on Science Denial Goes Viral

1895 NYTimes ad
A University of Rochester professor's op-ed in the New York Times has been widely debated since it was published on August 21. Adam Frank wrote about growing skepticism of science.

Philadelphia Inquirer (Sept 17)

Tamoxifen's mental fog is real

confused woman
Some women who take tamoxifen to treat or prevent breast cancer report experiencing a mental fogginess while on the drug, and researchers have now confirmed that there's a biological basis for those symptoms.

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Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (Sept 25)

Woman to watch: Wendi Heinzelman

Wendi Heinzelman
While so many young girls are inadvertently discouraged from math and science careers, Wendi Heinzelman's parents encouraged her growing abilities in these subject areas.

The Huffington Post (Sept 13)

Recycle yourself: Consider Donating Your Organs

In 2012, transplant surgeons like Dr. (Chris) Barry performed some 28,000 organ transplants in the United States, nowhere near as many as they could have if they had the requisite parts. Here Dr. Barry discusses the reasons for the shortfall, and how it might be overcome.

Reuters Health (Sept 24)

Insurance type tied to dying dementia patients' care

The chance that nursing home residents with advanced dementia will receive inappropriate care may be related to their insurance coverage, a new study suggests."There is no question that the care that was provided in nursing homes was superior to the care they got in hospitals," Dr. William Hall, who wrote an editorial accompanying the new study in JAMA Internal Medicine, said.

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Chicago Tribune

The Wall Street Journal (Sept 14)

NY's Eastman School student launches peace project

students and kids around a brightly painted piano
A senior at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester is expanding the concept of public pianos. Marissa Balonen-Rosen has launched a public art and music project dubbed "Pianos for Peace" that uses music to promote non-violence and community building.

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