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The Chronicle of Higher Education (September 1)

Leading Translation Publisher is Moving to Rochester

The Dalkey Archive Press, a leading independent publisher of world literature and literature in translation, will have new digs at the University of Rochester beginning in January 2007.

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Forbes (September 29)

Minority Gap in Medical Screening Tests Persists

The study finds that minorities are getting potentially lifesaving tests much less often than whites. . . . "If you ask the question, 'How big is the gap in preventive services between minorities and whites?,' the answer differs depending on whether you rely on peoples' self-reports of what they got vs. actual medical claims," said lead researcher Kevin Fiscella, an associate professor of family medicine and community and preventive medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. (Also reported by Medical News Today,,, and Webwire.)

USA Today (September 5)

Edward Deci


A Damaging Lesson for College-Bound Kids: Good Deeds Require a Payoff

Rather than fostering their altruism, we're teaching our kids that goodness isn't its own reward, but that good deeds call for a material prize—a slot in a name brand college. We're leeching their innate humanity. . . . In one study, University of Rochester psychologist Edward Deci investigated "What happens when you pay people for an activity they enjoy?" [and found that] the money undercut their internal motivation, shifting attention onto the reward itself.

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