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Democrat and Chronicle (September 25)

student looking at large display of NY state apples

Local Food Elective

Trying to nourish a household with foods from nearby farms is one thing. Feeding a campus (or other private or public entity of size) is something entirely different. Yet two institutions of higher education have made significant inroads to find the food less traveled. Earlier this month, the University of Rochester announced that it is the first college in New York state to become a member of Pride of New York, a statewide marketing campaign to promote New York-grown and produced foods. At the University of Rochester's dining services, buy-local efforts started in 2005 as part of a new sustainability policy that called for more sustainably grown foods, says Cam Schauf, director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations. (Also reported by WHEC TV NBC)

WHAM TV, ABC (September 8)

City’s Top Employer Plans To Benefit Further

A prestigious university; a medical center; an employer: U-of-R is all these things and more to Rochester. Some say being an urban university is a privilege, but perhaps it's the other way around? "We're looking forward to further economic growth on that side of the Genesee”, said Joel Seligman, the President of U of R. Even Downtown Rochester will benefit from a new announcement involving the Eastman Theatre, but that's still a secret! U-of-R is now shaping an economy once reliant upon assembly lines. "It's not a smokestack industry. It’s knowledge-based industry, and that's what the 21st century is going to be about”, said Seligman.

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CBS News (September 17)

Vaccine Tied To ‘Superbug’ Ear Infection

One strain in particular, called 19A, is big trouble. A new subtype of it caused ear infections in the nine Rochester children, ages 6 months to 18 months, that were resistant to all pediatric medications, said Dr. Michael Pichichero, a microbiologist at the University of Rochester Medical Center. (Also reported by Wall Street Journal, WebMD, Contra Costa Times California,,,, WHAM TV ABC, WROC TV CBS, TIME, MSN Money, Forbes, CNN Money, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Denver Post, Fox News, Associated Press, Newsday, Democrat and Chronicle, China Post and many other publications/broadcast)

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