University of Rochester

Student Selected to Study Medical Physics in Osaka

April 24, 1995

Ross Doyle, a senior majoring in physics, will travel to Osaka, Japan this summer after being selected to participate in the International Student Exchange Program of the American Nuclear Society.

Each year the American Nuclear Society awards twenty students the opportunity to study in Mexico, Japan, Germany and France. Doyle was awarded one of four positions available in Japan for the 1995 program.

Doyle will study neutron capture therapy under Dr. Keiji Kanda at the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. Neutron capture therapy is a form of cancer radiation therapy in which the tumor is bombarded with neutrons. Doyle credits his interest in radiology to a talk he attended given by Tom Foster, professor of radiology and physics. Foster was Doyle's adviser for an independent study conducted in the summer of 1994 on protein physics and visual photo-reception.

Doyle plans to attend graduate school in biophysics at the University of Washington. ###