University of Rochester

Psychologist Speaks at London Session on Children's Needs

June 24, 1998

Dante Cicchetti, professor of psychology, psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of Rochester and director of the Mt. Hope Family Center, was guest speaker at this year's general meeting of the British Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Cicchetti, the only American invited to address the June 22 session, discussed current issues in developmental psychopathology.

The meeting honored Sir Michael Rutter, an internationally renowned child psychiatrist, on his 65th birthday. The presentations made by Cicchetti, Rutter and others focused on the application of research to clinical practice.

Mt. Hope Family Center was founded in 1979 as a center for treatment, prevention, research, and training to promote positive child development. The center is a program of the University's Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology and is located in Corn Hill.