University of Rochester

Prof. Jeffrey Banks Wins National Academy of Science Award

February 16, 1996

Jeffrey S. Banks, professor of economics and of political science at the University of Rochester, will receive the National Academy of Science's award for excellence in scientific reviewing at the Academy's 133rd annual meeting in Washington, DC on April 29. The award carries a $5,000 prize.

Banks received the award, according to the Academy, for his "influential reviews of work on the theory of games of incomplete formation, theory of automata, and the theory of repeated play games as they apply to political relationships, as well as for his extensive editorial work."

The award was established by Annual Reviews, Inc. and the Institution for Scientific Information in honor of J. Murray Luck.

Banks' field of research is game theory, especially as it relates to receiving and transmitting information and to how information flows affect political events in emerging democracies. He also has done theoretical work on pricing mechanisms and auction design, on stability of voting systems, and on optimal behavior in learning models.

Banks has received other distinctions for his work. In 1989, he received a prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, and a National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Award. He also has won, with other Rochester colleagues, five National Science Foundation grants.

Banks received his bachelor's degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1982, and his doctorate from the California Institute of Technology in 1986.