University of Rochester

Mt. Hope Family Center Wins Grant to Study Maltreatment

November 11, 1994

The University of Rochester's Mt. Hope Family Center has received a grant from the National Center on Abuse and Neglect to study how children's development is affected when they are maltreated or grow up amidst poverty and violence.

The $593,144 grant funds a three-year project looking at the links among violence in the community and home, poverty, and maltreatment in children ages 7 to 12. The grant covers costs for research staff, camp staff and camp activities during the year.

The Mt. Hope Family Center staff work to prevent child abuse and family violence. Opened in 1979 as a preschool program for children at risk of maltreatment, it now offers treatment and education of children and their families, and conducts research in developmental psychopathology.