University of Rochester

University Music Professor Wins Prestigious National Award

November 27, 1996

Joel Galand, a University of Rochester professor, has received the Young Scholar Award from the Society for Music Theory, a national organization composed of professional music theorists.

Galand, who is assistant professor of music in the College and assistant professor of music theory at the University's Eastman School of Music, was presented the award at the Society's convention held last month in Baton Rouge, La.

The award is granted annually to a scholar for a book or article published before the author has reached age 40.

Galand received the award for his article, "Form, Genre, and Style in the Eighteenth-Century Rondo," published last year in the journal Music Theory Spectrum. The journal is one of the most juried in his field.

"In a thoughtful fusion of analytic and historical methodologies, Joel Galand lays the groundwork for a promising re-evaluation of late 18th-century formal paradigms," Christopher Hasty, chairman of the awards committee, said during the conference.

Galand served on the faculty at Yale University before coming to the University of Rochester in July.