University of Rochester

Continuing Campaign Encourages Campus to 'Think Safe'

July 22, 1998

An easy-to-use reference guide and handbook on safety services for the University of Rochester community is being distributed to all University faculty and staff this month.

From protecting yourself and your belongings to dealing with harassing phone calls and e-mail, "Think Safe: Your Security and Safety Matter to Us" contains advice, University policies and important telephone numbers.

Walter O. Mauldin, director of security, said the handbook offers a single source of information on security services as well as tips on how to make the campus a safe environment for living and working.

"The words 'Think Safe' in the logo remind each individual of his or her own role in remaining aware of personal safety issues, which mutually benefits that individual and the larger University community," Mauldin said.

The new publication is provided by Security Services, and coordinated with the help of the Advisory Committee on Campus Safety and University Publications.

Each year updated statistics, changes in policies and revised procedures will be available as inserts for the handbook's back pocket. A campus map, showing the location of blue light emergency phones and security offices, is also included.

Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as parents of freshmen, will receive copies of the handbook before the start of the academic year.

If you have not received your handbook, please call x5-3340.