University of Rochester

University Named to Top 15 Schools for Community Service

November 14, 1996

A national magazine aimed at young leaders in high school and college has named the University of Rochester among the top 15 schools in the nation for the community service opportunities it provides.

A survey conducted by Who Cares, a magazine about community service and social action issues, found that the University is one of three schools that have made community service a top priority.

Along with De Pauw University and Ohio Wesleyan University, Rochester was cited for its strong push to get students involved in volunteer activities. The University's Community Service Network says that 70 percent of Rochester students are involved in service and 21 percent in activist groups; 12 percent of graduating students choose careers in public service.

Wilson Day, the University's annual work day, sends first- year students, faculty and staff to help out at area non-profits. This year, nearly 1,000 people pitched in at some 50 locations. Among year-round opportunities are tutoring in city schools, visiting with nursing home residents, befriending families at a women's shelter, building houses, and raising funds for local non-profits through charity events.

Who Cares chose survey participants based on information from the Campus Outreach Opportunity League, The Princeton Review's Guide to Making a Difference, Mother Jones' listings of top activist schools, and Internet and library research. The top 15 were determined from statistical data, short-answer responses, and phone interviews with students.