University of Rochester

Relax: Now You Can Find Out on the Web if Your College Application is Complete

March 27, 1996

Now, college-bound students can relieve themselves of one of the nagging anxieties of the application process, with just one quick stop on the World Wide Web. Did those transcripts, SAT scores, recommendations, and personal essays ever arrive? For students who applied to the University of Rochester, the answer is only a few mouse clicks away. The address:

By visiting this spot, students can check instantly when key parts of their applications arrived, and whether any parts are still missing. You just click on "Application Status" and follow the cues, and the computer gives you a report on which parts of your application have been received.

Students just beginning to apply can also visit the same site to learn about what they need to do to apply, and more about the University and Rochester.

"Naturally, we want to make it easy for prospective students to find out what they need to know about gaining admission," said Wayne Locust, director of undergraduate admissions, "and many college-bound students like using computers to get information. We've tried to make it easy to find answers to the questions most people might have."

Eventually, applicants may even be able to check the Web to find out whether they were admitted, and learn what aid they may be offered. For now, however, they'll just have to wait patiently and check their "snail mail" often.

Applicants to the University's William E. Simon Graduate School of Business may also find out the status of their applications on the school's home page. The address:

Click on "Check Your Admissions Status," then on "Submit Form."

EDITORS: To test this for yourself, call up either Web site and key DEMO1 to see what a completed application report looks like, or DEMO2 to see what an incomplete report looks like. Note: You must capitalize letters, as shown, to make this feature work.