University of Rochester

University of Rochester Offers Full Scholarships to IB Graduates

September 16, 2004

The College at the University of Rochester has extended an offer of full-tuition scholarships to graduates of the International Baccalaureate Programme in the Rochester City School District.

“The IB program is one of the most challenging college preparatory programs in the world, and the University of Rochester wants these homegrown minds invigorating our campus community and fortifying the city’s intellectual economy,” said William Scott Green, dean of the College and Philip S. Bernstein Professor of Judaic Studies. “This represents part of our deep commitment to the success of the City School District.”

At an induction ceremony tonight, the announcement will be made when the fourth class enters the IB program at the city’s Wilson Magnet High School, the first high school in Monroe County to participate in the rigorous academic program. Wilson students who earn the IB diploma and who meet admission requirements to the University will be offered the scholarships.

“The University of Rochester has a long history of supporting the Rochester City School District, its staff, and students,” said Superintendent of Schools Manuel J. Rivera. “We are pleased to continue that partnership with this outstanding incentive for our IB students. The scholarship program offers them an opportunity to further their education at one of the nation’s finest universities and removes the financial hurdle from their ability to pursue that opportunity.”

In February 2000, Wilson became only the fourth public high school in New York State authorized to offer the program. The academically demanding high school curriculum is based on international standards of achievement. Successful completion allows students to be considered for admission at the world’s top universities.

Fifty-three students at Wilson have completed two years of the Pre-IB program and are now in the “diploma program,” which begins in 11th grade. In addition to these students, there are 66 seniors in the program, and 140 in the Pre-IB program now in the ninth and 10th grades.

Students receive the IB diploma after passing six exams in six different subject areas: English, foreign language, individuals and societies, mathematics, arts and electives, and experimental sciences. Students also are required to write an extended essay and perform hours of community service.

Two IB Programme graduates are now enrolled at the University: Lan Tran, who graduated from Wilson in 2003, and Tony Broyld, a 2004 Wilson graduate.