University of Rochester

U.S. News & World Report Calls University a 'Best Value'

September 19, 1994

The University of Rochester ranks third in a list of best values among national research universities that will appear in the September 25, 1995 issue of U.S. News and World Report, on newsstands this week.

The magazine devised its "best value" rankings to give families a realistic measure of value by relating the cost of attending an institution to the quality of education.

Like most of the nation's premier research universities (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc.), Rochester seeks talented students, admitting the best regardless of their family's financial means. Rochester ensures its affordability to students who demonstrate need though generous tuition grants.

Based on its analysis of the quality of Rochester's educational programs and the financial aid it makes available to students, U.S. News placed it third on the "best value" list of national universities which "discount" tuition to be affordable to all. Rochester ranked just below the California Institute of Technology and Rice University (in first and second place respectively); the rest of the top ten schools were, in order, MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Virginia, Dartmouth, Brigham Young University at Provo, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

The only schools considered as potential best values were those that finished in the top half of the U.S. News quality rankings published in the magazine's Sept. 11 issue now on newsstands. [That issue ranked the University 29 among national universities.]

The magazine determined its "best value" rankings in two ways: in relation to the school's stated or "sticker" price, and in relation to its "discounted" price (tuition plus room, board, fees, books, and estimated personal expenses, minus the average of its need-based grants).