University of Rochester

National Off-Campus Recruiting Events Connect University of Rochester Students with Select Employers

December 28, 2006

Employers who are in high demand don't need to go to colleges and recruit, because they are already pursued by thousands of applicants. So, how do students get noticed? The University of Rochester has a way to help—the annual Career and Internship Connections (CICs), a consortium comprised of about 15 universities that give students the chance to go to where the employers are.

The series of five off-campus recruiting events, which will be held Jan. 4 to Jan. 11, combine pre-screened interviews with traditional career fairs in New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago, and, for the first time this year, San Francisco. They offer students from 15 of the nation's top ranked schools, including the University of Rochester, Cornell University, University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, Boston College, Northwestern University, and Johns Hopkins University, the opportunity to submit resumes to, interview with, and interact with recruiters who historically are very selective regarding, or shun on-campus recruiting.

Burt Nadler, assistant dean and director of the Career Center, said annually Rochester candidates garner about 20 percent of all interviews.

"The way to get noticed by these selective employers is to be goal articulate, qualified, and prepared for the day's event," Nadler said. "Showing up in the employer's hometown is also part of the trick. It proves that the student is serious about the position regardless of the location."

The event, now the largest of its kind, attracted more than 200 companies and offered more than 2,000 interviews at last year's four locations.

This year the CIC will also feature "New York Networking Night," a University of Rochester student and alumni reception on Jan. 4, in New York City. The event, sponsored by the Career Center, the Office of College Advancement, the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations, The Junior and Senior Class Councils, and the Young Alumni Council, will connect students to alumni. The alumni, who come from banking and finance, communications, government and politics, and entrepreneurship, represent firms such as Lehman Brothers, NBC, Goldman Sachs, will be on hand to share career knowledge and practical experiences with undergraduates.

For more information about the networking event, contact the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations at (585) 273-5888.