University of Rochester

University of Rochester Brings the Power of Dance to School 14

January 22, 2007

University of Rochester students will share their love of music and dance with city students in the annual "Power of Dance and Song" performance.

Four groups—UR Hip Hop, After Hours, In Between The Lines, and Belly Dancing—of students from the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering will perform for the elementary students and staff at Chester Dewey School 14, 200 University Ave., from 9:15 to 10 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23.

Principal Deborah Lazio said the program provides a unique learning opportunity for the students at School 14.

"Our children are captivated by the dance performances and look up to the University of Rochester students as role models," Lazio said "It is a wonderful avenue for reinforcing the importance of education and the value of diversity, messages that we promote every day at school."

For students of the College this is part of an effort to increase the impact of their volunteer work in the Rochester City School District. Over time, the College hopes to develop ongoing, formal relationships with local schools, students, and community groups.

College Dean of Students Jody Asbury called "The Power of Dance and Song" one example of the ongoing efforts to develop that lasting relationship with Rochester schools and the city community. "Students at the University of Rochester want to give back to the community in which they live. This is one way our students can pursue their passions and share them with our city's youth," Asbury said.

The program is sponsored by the Rochester Center for Community Leadership, the Education Alliance, and Office of the Dean of Students.