University of Rochester

EVENT: SIMCON XXII, Rochester's largest simulation gaming convention

TIME, DATE, AND PLACE: 7:30 p.m. to midnight, Thursday, March 23; 6 p.m. Friday, March 24, to 7 p.m., Sunday, March 26; in Wilson Commons on the University of Rochester River Campus

ADMISSION: At the convention: $12; $10 with college student ID. Preregistration: $9; $7 with valid college student ID. Tournament and event costs are additional. Note: Parking is free on University lots after 7 p.m. on weekdays and all weekend.

March 3, 2000

SIMCON, the University of Rochester Simulation Gaming Association's (URSGA's) annual games conference, will be held March 23-26 at the University of Rochester in Wilson Commons on the River Campus. More than 500 gaming enthusiasts are expected to attend.

This year's convention, SIMCON XXII, will feature officially sanctioned tournaments and other events centered on games of all kinds, including team and individual role-playing, board games, historical miniatures, and war games. There will be a Merchant's Bazaar of merchandise for sale, an Anime room for screenings of the popular Japanese cartoons, and all-night sessions where hard-core gamers can play until the sun comes up.

SIMCON XXII boasts many new features, including an Art Show, two all-night sessions (there had only been one previously), and a 50-50 charity auction. The auction will be held on Saturday during the breaks between event time slots. Half of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center's Strong Memorial Hospital. The gift will be given in memory of William Sheftic '90, a former URSGA member who lost his life to cancer in 1998.

Special guests at the convention will include Ken Hite, a veteran game designer who has received credit for his work on projects such as Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, and Rolemaster; James Kiley, a freelance game writer whose published credits include Trinity and All Our Yesterdays; Ellen P. Kelly, a full-time freelance writer and editor from Pittsburgh who works with White Wolf and Pharos Press; and Lissanne Lake, an award-winning fantasy artist best known for her illustration of over 200 various collectible game cards, most notably Doomtown.

URSGA is a non-profit agency of the University of Rochester Student's Association. For more information, contact URSGA at (585) 275-6186 or check out the SIMCON website at