University of Rochester

Vigorous Job Market Welcomes Diverse UR Grads

May 7, 1999

University of Rochester seniors, like their peers nationwide, face a receptive job market. With a strong economy in their favor, they're using enhanced Career Center services in record numbers.

More than 1,000 on-campus interviews were conducted this year. About 120 "tech" firms and 90 other organization in fields including investment banking, consulting, commercial banking, financial services, consumer product merchandising, and pharmaceutical sales completed initial interviews. American Management Systems, Goldman Sachs, Eastman Kodak, Microsoft, Capital One, Ralston Purina and M&T Bank were among the firms with full schedules. (A complete listing is available through the Career Center.)

The introduction of CareerOffice, a state-of-art Web-based registration, resume collection, job posting and on-campus recruiting tool, brought more than 46,000 "hits" from active UR job seekers since September. These members of the e-generation located postings, forwarded resumes, and signed up for on-campus interviews electronically, as they say, "24-7," 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Expanded hours and improved computer and telecommunication resources offered through the Center's Hyman J.V. Goldberg Career Resource Library, granted access to telephones, microcomputers, fax machines, as well as the personal touch of counseling professionals.

A new series of events in New York and Washington, D.C., found Rochester students on the road, interacting with alumni, interviewing with potential employers, and generally networking in these targeted cities. Boston will be added next year.

"Rochester has a tradition of sending liberal arts and technical grads into diverse work settings and graduate schools," says Burt Nadler, assistant dean and Career Center director. "The fact that our students are prepared to succeed no matter the setting is the true legacy of an institution like UR. Our graduates end up side-by-side with the nation's very top graduates," Nadler adds.

At the University's 149th commencement on May 16, bachelor's degrees will be awarded to 1,186 graduates. Traditionally, 30 percent to 35 percent of the class go on to graduate schools. Another 35 percent enter the work force immediately. Post-commencement surveys reveal that almost all of the remaining students have found employment or continued their studies within six to eight months.

Lyndi Siff of Roslyn, N.Y., a health and society major, has accepted a position with M&T Bank in the Management Development Program. Randolph Singh of Bayside, N.Y., who majored in electrical engineering, will be a consultant for American Management Systems, one of the nation's most selective employers. Jeffrey Smith of Hilton, N.Y., a biochemistry major and captain of the football team, will enter graduate school at the University.