University of Rochester

Fellows Appointed to Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Studies

October 20, 1993

The Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Studies at the University of Rochester has appointed three Rockefeller Foundation humanities fellows in Feminism and Visual Culture for 1993-94. All are engaged in work that addresses issues of race and ethnicity, as well as gender. They are:

Joy James, who analyzes how the U.S. media depicts sexual violence and denies the rights of victims and survivors;

Ranjana Khanna, whose work in film explores how women challenge the sexual hierarchies of society and colonial ideologies; and

Valerie Maynard, whose artistic work in sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, and design reflects her belief in community activism.

The Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Studies addresses issues important for understanding the role of women in society. Nearly 90 faculty associates teach and do research through the Center. Named to honor the 19th-century suffragist, the Center also is active in planning the upcoming national celebration of the 75th anniversary of women's suffrage.

Note: Fellows are available to speak and to help in school and

community efforts. Call 275-8318 for more information.