University of Rochester

Ultra-Secure Image Technology Licensed to mobileLexis

July 30, 2003

The University of Rochester has licensed the data security software, AuthentImage, to mobileLexis Inc., a technology corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. MobileLexis provides applications and services enabling Anoto functionality, which provides for the capture and transmission of handwriting on paper to digital media. The AuthentImage technology will be used to embed potentially sensitive information translated to text, such as patient data, to digital media for transmission wirelessly or through standard e-mail, preventing data tampering and ensuring that the data received has not been compromised.

"The use of this technology in our products provides a unique level of data security," says Rod L. Sheets, President and Chief Technology Officer, mobileLexis Inc. "We are excited to integrate AuthentImage technology in our products and anticipate a mutually beneficial partnership."

Until now, businesses have had to choose between an image that's been "watermarked" to establish its trustworthiness and one that isn't watermarked but preserves all the original information, allowing it to be enlarged or enhanced to show detail. When information is embedded using the newly discovered method, authorized users can do both.

"The greatest benefit of this technology is that it can signal if anyone has clandestinely altered an image," says Murat Tekalp, professor of electrical engineering at the University and co-creator of the technology. "These days, many commercial software systems can be used to manipulate digital images. By encoding data in this way we can be sure the image has not been tampered with, and then remove the data within it without harming the quality of the picture."

"We are pleased to contribute to the mobileLexis product. We think the AuthentImage technology has unique strengths and can have applications in many other fields for authenticating a digital photograph or digital document," says Jack Fraser from the University of Rochester's Office of Technology Transfer.

The University of Rochester is one of the most distinguished private universities in the country. Founded in 1850, its graduate programs support significant research efforts in optics, digital imaging, and video signal processing.

Anoto Group AB is a Swedish hi-tech company with unique solutions for transmission of handwritten text from paper to digital media, scanning of printed text and intelligent camera surveillance. All products are based on digital camera technology and image processing in real time. Major shareholders are Ericsson, Capital Group and the founder Christer Fåhraeus. The Anoto share is traded on the O-list, Attract 40 of Stockholmsbörsen (Stockholm Stock Exchange) under the ticker ANOT. For more information: