University of Rochester

Rochester Students Selected for National Research Conference

February 22, 1996

Twelve University of Rochester undergraduates will present their research projects at the 1996 National Conference on Undergraduate Research April 18-20.

Held this year at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where it originated in 1987, the conference promotes undergraduate research in all fields of study by providing a national forum for students to present their work. Rochester professor Jarold Ramsey, director of undergraduate research, called the selection for the conference "an honor and an opportunity. The students will have a chance to present their work to a knowledgeable audience."

Since last spring's cancellation of the National Endowment for the Humanities Younger Scholars program, undergraduate research opportunities such as those provided by NCUR have taken on even more importance.

The proposals of Rochester applicants are reviewed by a highly selective University faculty committee that decides which students may apply to NCUR. All 12 students chosen this year by the committee were accepted by NCUR's conference programming board.

Some 1,500 students and several hundred faculty members from universities all over the nation are expected to participate. The conference consists of a number of small sessions dealing with various topics.

"The topics range literally from A to Z," Ramsey said. "Particle physics, political science, neurobiology -- all are represented. Judging from their performance in past conferences, our students will make an impact on the conference."

The University participants are:

Anand Chikkatur, a junior physics major from Richmond Hills, N.Y.: "Measuring Cosmic Ray Muons: CCFR Fermilab."

Joshua Clinton, a senior economics and political science major from Stittville, N.Y.: "Putting Pragmatist Political and Legal Philosophy into Practice."

Evan Freiberg, a senior chemistry major from Baldwin, N.Y.: "Synthesis of a Platinum Complex for Electron Hole Creation and Separation."

Thomas Hall, a senior biology major from Boonville, N.Y.: "Enzyme Requirement for Optimal Urease Expression in Streptococcus Salivarius."

Nicole Keon, a senior chemistry and environmental sciences major from New Port Richey, Fla.: "Helium Isotope Ratios within C-60 as Indicator of Fullerene Origin."

Sang Hun Lee, a senior optics major from Rochester, N.Y.: "The Atom Valve."

Kaleb Michaud, a senior physics and astronomy major from Mt. Hope, Kan.: "GEANT Computer Simulation for the CMS End Cap Test Bean Calorimeter."

Valerie Olson, a senior biological science and neuroscience major from Rochester, N.Y.: "Neurosteroid Action at the GABAa Receptor."

Sheel Pandya, a senior biological science, neuroscience, and education major from Amherst, N.Y.: "The Effects of a Toxic Lesion as a Model for Parkinson's Disease."

Satya Reddy, a senior biological science, microbiology, and economics major from Hazard, Ky.: "Evaluation of Visual Development Using the Water Escape Test."

Jacqueline Semenova, a senior biological science major from Rochester, N.Y.: "Isolation of Mutation in Beta Nu Sub-unit of Integrin in Drosophila Melanogaster."

Margaret Van Doren, a senior biological science and neuroscience major from Bethlehem, Pa.: "The Effects of Sexually Dimorphic Gliogenesis in the Avian Brain."