University of Rochester

Conference Attracts Researchers in Human Motivation

April 15, 1999

More than 20 researchers who are investigating human motivation will convene at the University of Rochester to discuss work that is closely related to Self-Determination Theory, which was developed by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, professors of psychology in the University's Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology.

The presenters, who represent 19 universities or research institutes in three countries, will speak April 23 and 24 on a wide range of specialties that include clinical psychology, internal medicine, sports psychology, social psychology, educational psychology, among other disciplines. Papers given at the conference will be collected into an edited volume published by the University of Rochester Press.

Since the 1985 publication of Deci and Ryan's book, Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Determination in Human Behavior, researchers have been investigating motivational issues underlying the self-regulation of behavior. Using either the work of Deci and Ryan or related theoretical perspectives, these researchers have performed laboratory experiments as well as field studies.

All sessions will be held in Meliora Hall on the River Campus and are open to the University community; there is no registration fee. The program is sponsored by the Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology. For a schedule, please call x5-8719.