University of Rochester

Two University of Rochester Adult Students Honored

April 26, 1996

In recognition of academic achievement and commitment to education, two adult students at the University of Rochester have received the Rochester Area Colleges Continuing Education (RACCE) Outstanding Adult Student Award.

Successfully combining full-time college study with other adult responsibilities of family, job, career, and community service, these distinguished students are among 30 selected from Rochester area colleges.

Brighton resident Louise N. Vella is a full-time student and a single mother with three young sons. A junior majoring in political science, Vella also works part-time in the University public relations office and gives private flute lessons at her home. While juggling all of these responsibilities, she has earned an overall grade point average of 3.48.

Vella returned to school in 1994 after a 10-year hiatus. She has applied to the University's 3-2 program in public policy administration and plans a career in the public policy arena.

Richard A. Luitich, of Lima, is a junior pursuing a degree in psychology. Although he claims that, after years away from school, he had "forgotten how to study," Luitich's academic record proves otherwise. Graduating from Monroe Community College in 1994 with a 3.88 GPA, he has maintained this academic excellence at the University of Rochester with an overall GPA of 3.70.

In addition to studying full time, Luitich is a father and husband and works as a roofer. After 15 years in the construction field, Luitich values the varied experiences he has gained in college. He hopes to continue his studies in graduate school and to become a high school or community counselor.

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