University of Rochester

University Publications Unit Wins National Design Award

August 8, 1997

The University of Rochester Publications Unit of the Office of Public Relations has won an Award of Excellence from the University & College Design Association, the largest institutional design group and among the largest associations in the graphic arts field.

Graphics coordinator Geri McCormick designed and illustrated the award-winning package, a certificate given to donors in support of the University's most recent campaign.

The four-color certificate, headlined by the University's motto, "Meliora," featured a capital "M" rendered in the style of initials found in illuminated manuscripts. Dandelions, the University flower, served as a backdrop. Each certificate was personalized with hand-lettered calligraphy of the donor's name, covered in onion skin and held in place by scalloped, die-cut slits. It was wrapped in a deep blue, textured folder adorned with a gold foil, embossed University seal. A gold string tied in a bow fastened the piece.

The UCDA contest drew some 1,200 entries. The certificate will be displayed in September with other winners at the annual UCDA conference in New York City.