University of Rochester

University Plans Improvements to Riverside Park

April 17, 2002

The University of Rochester plans to substantially enhance the Bausch & Lomb Riverside Park during the summer of 2002. These changes will improve park aesthetics, amenities, traffic flow, and safety.

The improvements include:

Clearing brush for better views of the Genesee River Installation of picnic tables and benches Improving the park atmosphere by putting in a tree-lined median on Wilson Boulevard from Intercampus Drive south to Library Road Linking the north and south ends of Wilson Boulevard with a narrow park road for improved traffic flow Improving park entrance signage, and adding signage on historical and botanical features of the park Enhancing the landing at the east end of the pedestrian bridge Creating curb bump-outs and pedestrian crosswalks to slow traffic for safety's sake Converting perpendicular to parallel parking Installing additional lighting Building new walkways Improving the information booth's appearance

The Bausch & Lomb Riverside Park, named to recognize a substantial gift from the Bausch & Lomb Company for the project, was created about a decade ago. The park is now owned by the city, but maintained by the University.