University of Rochester

Warner School Professor Wins Teaching Award

June 4, 1996

Julia B. Smith, assistant professor of education at the University of Rochester's Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, was cited for her outstanding teaching at Commencement on May 26.

Smith received the G. Graydon and Jane W. Curtis Award, given to recognize nontenured faculty teaching excellence in honor of Professor Ralph Helmkamp.

Smith teaches courses in quantitative research methods, as they apply to educational policy. She helps both students and colleagues conceptualize questions, design research tools, analyze data, and present findings.

Students who evaluate Prof. Smith's teaching routinely describe her courses as excellent, and say that she has been a true role model for them. Such rave reviews are rare enough, but are especially notable when they describe an instructor's performance in required methods courses.

Smith completed a doctorate in 1992 at the University of Michigan's School of Education. She also began teaching in 1992 at the Warner School.