University of Rochester

Feal Receives Distinguished Fellowship at Stony Brook

March 7, 1997

Rosemary Feal, professor of Spanish at the University of Rochester, has been awarded the Humanities Institute of Stony Brook Resident Fellowship for the spring semester. Feal was selected for the fellowship from a nationwide pool of candidates.

Feal's recent work pertains to Afro-Hispanic studies and issues of mestizaje, as well as the intersections among Latin American, Afro-Hispanic and American women writers. She has written numerous articles on this work for the scholarly journal Afro- Hispanic Review.

Feal is teaching a seminar for faculty and graduate students during her fellowship. "The 'I' of the Other: Theory and Women's Autobiography Beyond the First World" focuses on women's life- writing and autobiography, understood in the context of domains at the margins of the First World, such as postcolonial, latina, and lesbian/queer studies.

The seminar is part of the Institute's spring series of lectures exploring new research in gender and nation within a Latin American framework.