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University embraces community solar through Amp Energy

August 3, 2022
Aerial view of large community solar farm.A partnership between the University of Rochester and the renewable energy developer Amp Energy enables the University to help increase the generation of clean energy in Upstate New York and share those benefits with both residents and businesses. (Image: Amp Energy)

Amp Energy is also providing a $100,000 endowed scholarship for undergraduates in the College.

The University of Rochester is supporting community solar in Upstate New York by partnering with Amp Energy to receive financial credits as a result of the clean, renewable energy generated by six solar farms in nearby areas, including Wolcott and Mt. Morris, New York. The University is using the savings to fund future sustainability initiatives and reduce the carbon footprint of its operations. 

Amp is an energy transition platform and renewable energy developer that helps establish community solar farms across the United States in order to help businesses, homes, and organizations promote sustainability and renewable energy, and realize cost savings. The University is now subscribed to six solar energy sites owned by Amp. The partnership was arranged through the University’s Utilities and Energy Management Department.

Combined, the six solar farms that the University has subscribed to will produce over 50 million kWhs of clean energy in year one, and more than 1 billion kWhs over the next 25 years. This is enough electricity to power 7,244 local homes annually, and the equivalent of removing over 73,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year. 

How community solar works

The solar panels that have been installed at the farms generate electricity, which is delivered to the local utility (power grid). The utility then awards the community solar participants financial credits for the electricity delivered by the solar sites.

In the University of Rochester’s case, these credits are applied to the University’s energy bill with a percentage also going to Amp as the owner and operator. The University will receive up to 40 percent of the solar credits generated from the six solar farms, with the remaining credits made available to other participating local homes and businesses. By participating in the Community Solar Program, the University is helping to increase the generation of clean energy in Upstate New York and sharing those benefits with both residents and businesses.

Amp’s ownership and operation of its projects places a high priority on working together with landowners, towns, and other local stakeholders to ensure a long-term partnership. The projects help local landowners maximize or repurpose their land, create new local jobs, and also maintain biodiversity with the integration of pollinator-friendly seed mixes for the vegetative cover underneath the solar arrays. Learn more about Amp’s community solar program.

Endowed scholarship

To celebrate the completion of the projects, Amp has provided a $100,000 contribution to the University of Rochester for an endowed scholarship for undergraduate students in Arts, Sciences & Engineering.

“As a proud member of the Rochester community, Amp is pleased to give back to the community and enable future clean energy economy leaders matriculating at the University of Rochester,” says Nicholas Topping, director of US Community Solar at Amp.

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