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DPS installs new cruise lights for greater community presence

January 10, 2020
Department of Public safety car parked in front of a blue emergency phoneCruise lights as seen here are being installed on the Department of Public Safety's fleet of vehicles. (University of Rochester photo / Dana Perrin)

The University’s Department of Public Safety is joining a nationwide community policing effort by installing “cruise lights” on their fleet of vehicles. Cruise lights provide a solid red illumination on the front of the patrol vehicle and a solid blue light on the back and are intended to provide a reassuring DPS presence, adding to officers’ visibility as they provide service to the University community.

DPS officers may use their cruise lights when patrolling, performing area checks of parking lots, streets, neighborhoods, and while on any University property.  The lights may be on anytime the vehicle is stationary or while operating on University roadways.

Introducing cruise lights to the University community was the suggestion of Student Association President Jamal Holtz ’20, who is also a member of the Public Safety Advisory Board, and DPS Student Advisory Board formed this semester.

Cruise lights are a national trend because vehicles are much more noticeable and can be seen at a distance, providing a stronger sense of security. The lights are not used to perform traffic stops so individuals traveling in front of an officer with cruise lights on do not need to pull over. DPS officers operating in emergency situation or performing a traffic stop turn on their bright flashing red, white, and blue lights.

The new lights have been installed on several DPS vehicles and moving forward all patrol vehicles will be fitted with the cruise light option.

Here are some additional reminders from DPS on best practices for staying safe:

  • STAY AWARE of your surroundings. Don’t tune out with earphones or cell phones.
  • INSTALL a “Find My Phone” app on your phone or computer.
  • WALK in groups of three or more, especially after dark. Or utilize University shuttles. The URMobile app also provides real-time tracking of the University shuttles.
  • LET IT GO! Property can be replaced, but you are one of a kind.
  • IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF A CRIME AND AS SOON AS IT IS SAFE TO DO SO, call Public Safety at (585) 275-3333; from the nearest Blue Light Emergency Phone; or dial x13 if on campus. If off campus, dial 911.

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