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Dr. Chat Bot COVID-19 screenings expanding to non-Medical Center employees, students

June 8, 2020

Dr. Chat Bot, an online tool implemented by the University’s Medical Center to screen Medical Center faculty, staff, and trainees for COVID-19 symptoms before reporting to work, is being phased in University-wide in an effort to prevent new exposures to the illness from occurring on the University’s campuses.

The Dr. Chat Bot daily screening process takes less than two minutes and can be completed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. Faculty and staff in the Medical Center should continue using Dr. Chat Bot as instructed. As it is rolled out to campus departments and students, department heads will be notified in advance, and each individual expected to use it will receive an email with information on completing the mandatory assessment before reporting to campus. Daily email reminders will also be delivered.

The screening involves a set of brief questions about COVID-19–related symptoms. When users indicate they are not experiencing any of the symptoms, they receive a confirmation that it’s safe to report to campus; if an individual is experiencing any one of the listed symptoms, they are prompted to provide more information to University Health Service (for all students and all non–Medical Center employees), or Employee Health (for Medical Center faculty and staff). Full instructions are provided within the Dr. Chat Bot screening tool.

To access the Dr. Chat Bot screening tool:

Non–Medical Center faculty, staff, and all students should use:

  • Faculty and staff should enter the credentials used for logging into their work computer or email;
  • Students should enter the credentials they use for University wireless (UR Connected).

Medical Center employees have been using a separate link to access Dr. Chat Bot and should continue with that process.

Anyone who is unsure of their login credentials can visit the IT My Identity Service; login with a NetID. If you have forgotten your password, click Change Forgotten Password for UR Active Directory Account. If you need additional help, call University IT at 275-2000.

If employees do not have internet access available to complete the screening before arriving on campus, they should prearrange with their manager to complete it immediately upon arriving to work. Absent these arrangements, employees cannot complete Dr. Chat Bot once on campus.

Of note, a separate assessment tool, ROC COVID-19, was developed by UR Health Lab in partnership with local health organizations and agencies to monitor the COVID-19 illness in the Greater Rochester area and identify potential hotspots. Dr. Chat Bot and ROC COVID-19 are two separate tools serving two different purposes.

Dr. Chat Bot in UR Mobile app

The UR Mobile app also contains the Dr. Chat Bot tool. First-time users should open the UR Mobile app, wait a few seconds for a black banner “New settings available” to pop up from the bottom of the screen, and then tap to update.

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