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‘Iron Chef’ officers

December 17, 2019

(University of Rochester photos / Dana Perrin)

On December 9, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) teamed up with University Dining Services for the first “Cooking with DPS Iron Chef” competition.

Participating DPS officers formed a two-person team and through Dining Services were given kitchen space in Danforth Dining Center to imagine and prepare a unique dish that had to include brussel sprout leaves and stems. University Dining chefs were on hand to provide culinary instruction and ingredient guidance.

Three people in chefs uniforms prepare greens in a kitchen.

DPS officers Eric Bonachi, left, and Louis DiPrima, right, with Dining Services chef Eric Merklein. 


Two people in chef uniforms smile from behind a large pot of boiling water.

Dining Services chef Herb Weber, left, with DPS officer K.C Conti.

After hours of preparation, the final dishes were then judged by a panel including Students Association members and University staff.  The dishes were also offered to students during lunch, served by the DPS officers who prepared each dish.

large group of students and staff smile as they sit around a table in Danforth Dining Center.

Members of the Students’ Association and Wilson Commons Student Activities gather to taste-test the creations.

The judges’ selection this year for best overall dish was mahi mahi fish tacos, prepared by DPS officer Erin Vess and commander Dana Perrin, with assistance from chef Dave Lathrop.

two public safety officers in chef uniforms smile from behind kitchen counter.

Officer Erin Vess and commander Dana Perrin.

The students’ choice for favorite dish was Philly cheesesteaks prepared by DPS sergeant Tim Kozlowski and officer Laura Johnson with assistance from chef Matt Hughes.

Dining Services workers behind a serving line in a dining room.

Sergeant Tim Kozlowski and officer Laura Johnson.

The “Cooking with DPS Iron Chef” event was created as a way to build even stronger connections among DPS officers, staff, and students.

table filled with six dishes and voting ballots.

The final creations.



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