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More all-gender restrooms available on River Campus

October 16, 2015
all-gender restroom sign

In an effort to further accommodate members of a diverse University community, several River Campus restrooms have been reassigned as all-gender. To date, 16 restrooms have been converted to provide single-stall, all-gender accessibility, and University Facilities and Services is currently evaluating other single-use type restrooms that may similarly be converted in future months.

John Cullen, coordinator of outreach for the Susan B. Anthony Center, noted that the LGBTQ Advocacy Committee formed this past spring to provide leadership on enhancing the LGBTQ climate at the University was very instrumental in moving this initiative forward. And this past spring semester, the Students’ Association Government adopted Resolution 13, which advocated in part for individuals of all gender identities and expressions to have access to safe and inclusive restrooms.

“A group of students, faculty, and staff have been interested in moving this initiative along for a while now, and we are glad that our University community has responded eagerly in taking steps to demonstrate our appreciation for all of its members, most specifically members of our transgender community,” said Cullen. “The designation of “all-gender” is a matter of safety and dignity for everyone who doesn’t conform to the traditional gender norms. These newly redone bathrooms are individual spaces that are accessible to everyone, and also accommodate individuals with disabilities, such as those who have a caretaker of a different gender who assists them in restrooms.”

“This was a simple but high-impact change that was exactly the kind of thing we like to be brought to our attention,” said Bruce Bashwiner, associate vice president of Facilities and Services. “For us, it was a reasonable request to which we could respond, and we were happy to help.”

The newly converted all-gender restrooms are located in Wilson Commons and in academic buildings and student residence halls throughout River Campus. To view a list, visit:

“I think this is a clear demonstration of the College’s Communal Principles in action, especially with regard to fairness, respect and inclusion,” said Matt Burns, dean of students. “Our students should be proud that they helped make this important initiative happen.”

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