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Research Education and Training

The Office for Human Subject Protection’s Division of Research Education and Training oversees Human Subject Protection (HSP) training requirements and provides educational opportunities and resources to support study teams. Explore OHSP’s training-related resources below to learn more.


Required training

Individuals engaged in human subject research are required to complete certain types of training, based on their role and/or the nature of the research.

Guideline for training research personnel

It’s the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to oversee the training and education of their research staff. Our Guideline for Training Research Personnel will help you understand what’s required and identify best practices for onboarding and training.

Review the guidance

More training and development opportunities

Training courses

A framework of asynchronous, online training courses are available for faculty, staff and student researchers to support onboarding, training, and professional development. Users can self-enroll for the training in Blackboard.

Educational forum

OHSP hosts monthly forums on a variety of research topics and updates throughout the academic year—giving you critical information you need to do your job effectively and improve the quality of your research. Sessions are routinely recorded and made available through Blackboard to support you and your study team’s training needs.

Customized, small-group training

OHSP can provide customized training sessions for your study team on a variety of topics, such as IRB review processes, documentation best practices, and more. To learn more or request a session, contact Kelly Unsworth at

Professional certification support

Our office will reimburse certain fees for University researchers who pursue professional research certifications.

Key resources for new staff

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