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Professional Research Certification

The Office for Human Subject Protection (OHSP) encourages investigators and study team members to seek certification through one of the following nationally recognized certification programs:



What will be reimbursed: Application and exam fees

OHSP will reimburse application and examination fees (as applicable, per certifying body) for successful research certification and subsequent re-certification.

request reimbursement

To request reimbursement, submit through UR Financials following confirmation of successful certification/re-certification. Email Kelly Unsworth at for instructions on how to do so.

Note: Reimbursement requests must include an itemized copy your application/examination fee receipt and documentation of your successful certification/re-certification. Reimbursements submitted without with information will not be approved.

What won’t be reimbursed

OHSP will not provide reimbursement for the following:

  • Professional organization membership fees
  • Installment payments (e.g., SoCRA’s 3-year installment plan)
  • Late fees associated with certification/re-certification applications
  • Application/Examination fees for individuals deemed ineligible for certification
  • Application/Examination fees for individuals who withdrawal their certification application
  • Application/Examination fees for individuals who do not pass the examination
  • Travel expenses (e.g., mileage, parking, hotel) related to examinations and/or conference attendance
  • Fees related to any certification audit
  • Fees related to individual continuing education credits (e.g., seminar/webinar/conference fees)
  • Dual or sub-specialty certifications: For individuals holding more than 1 research-related professional certification, OHSP will only reimburse 1 certification (routinely the certification most pertinent to the employee’s current role).

Exceptions to the information provided above may be permitted with proper justification and OHSP approval.

Certification maintenance

Certification maintenance is solely the responsibility of the certified professional. OHSP is not responsible for verifying acceptability of continuing education activities, maintaining documentation of continuing education activities, or providing assistance with the re-certification process.

Individuals are strongly encouraged to review certification maintenance requirements and initiate continuing education activities as soon as they become certified. Certification maintenance is best approached as a continual process. Free continuing education activities are routinely shared via our mailing list.

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