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Jury Duty, Court Appearance, or Legal Hearing Appearance

This policy applies to: All regular full- and part-time hourly paid staff, and TAR staff if they work a regular schedule and are scheduled to work on the days summoned to jury duty.

I. Policy

Staff members are entitled to time off without loss of base pay for each working day excused to 1) serve on jury duty or 2) when subpoenaed to appear in a court of law, except when the staff member is a primary party to the legal action or a prospective beneficiary of it.

II. Procedures

A. Arrangements for Time Off

  1. Arrangements for time off are made by the department head upon the staff member’s presentation of the official notice, subpoena, or summons.
  2. Staff members assigned to a night or evening shift will be assigned to a day schedule and excused from their assignment as necessary to fulfill the jury, court or legal hearing obligation.
  3. Staff members are expected to report to work to fulfill the remainder of their regular schedule or to notify their department head of their availability if their jury, court, or legal hearing obligations do not require absence the entire workday. Staff members also may be requested to render to their departments whatever services may be necessary to minimize the inconvenience caused by their absence.

B. Payment for Jury Duty

The University will continue to pay eligible employees their full base pay for the duration of jury service or court appearance for each scheduled workday. The staff member’s paycheck(s) will be issued on regularly scheduled paydays, based on standard weekly work hours and base pay rate. For hourly paid staff, the time reporting code “JRH” should be entered into HRMS; for salaried staff, the code “JRS” should be used. For periods of jury duty for which a staff member may be paid by the court, the staff member should reimburse such monies to the department. The department is responsible for securing the reimbursement, and depositing it to the appropriate departmental account.

C. Calculation of Make-Up Pay

Shift differential will be included in the calculation of the jury duty pay when the staff member’s regular schedule qualifies for the shift differential.

D. Postponement of Jury Duty

If jury service would seriously inconvenience an employee or department, employees may request postponements by calling the Monroe County Commissioner of Jurors directly, at (585) 428-5370. Postponements may or may not be granted for town courts. Exemptions are no longer available for any employment position or profession.

E. Further Information

Further details regarding jury service should be directed to your HR Business Partner

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