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This policy applies to: Regular full-time and part-time staff and and hourly paid Postdoctoral Associates.

  • Faculty are eligible for University observed holidays in accordance with the terms of their appointment.
  • Individuals represented by a collective bargaining unit should refer to their contract agreement.

I. Policy

The University’s Benefits Program provides nine University paid holidays per year. Each holiday equals one-fifth of the individual’s standard weekly work hours.

II. Guidelines

A. University Holidays

  1. University holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.
  2. When a legal holiday, which is also a University holiday, falls on Saturday or Sunday, the University officially observes the holiday on Friday or Monday, respectively.
  3. Regular Full-Time and Part-Time hourly paid staff members who do not work either the University or legal holiday receive one-fifth standard weekly hours as holiday pay in observance of the holiday.
  4. Hourly paid staff members (to include Time-As-Reported (TAR) staff) who work either on the University holiday or the legal holiday receive holiday pay in the form of double time for hours worked. Double time pay applies to all hours worked on the holiday, which is defined as the 24-hour period commencing at 12:00am. on the eve of the holiday and ending at 12:00am. on the night of the holiday.*

    PLEASE NOTE:  Individuals represented by a collective bargaining unit should refer to their contract agreement, as there may be a difference in the defined beginning of a workday or workweek.

    If an hourly paid staff member works both the legal and the University observed holiday, the holiday pay will apply only to one day, generally the day on which the individual worked the greater number of hours.
  5. The pay individuals receive while on Short-Term Sick Leave or Workers’ Compensation disability absence is unaffected by the holiday.

III. Procedures


A. Regular full-time and part-time hourly paid staff as well as Time-as-Reported staff required to work on a University holiday receive double time pay for hours worked in the applicable twenty-four-hour period based on the start of their workday.

B. An hourly paid staff member must work his or her scheduled workdays both before   and after a University holiday to be eligible for holiday pay, unless the absence is approved by the supervisor or is considered protected time off (e.g. Sick time/PTO within the 56 hours protected under NY State Sick Leave Law, Family Medical Leave (FML), Paid Family Leave (PFL) or other protected time off).

C. Paid University holiday time off will not be counted as “time worked” in calculating overtime pay.

D. Shift differential is included in the calculation of University holiday pay when the individual’s regular schedule qualifies for the shift differential.

E. The Summary Plan Description for the University Holidays is available in the Benefits Office.

The University reserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate any or all of the Benefit plans at any time.

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