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Service Awards

This policy applies to: All regular full-time and part-time staff

I. Policy

 As an expression of appreciation and to recognize long service, the University honors eligible staff members. Awards, in the form of gifts from the University, may be selected by the honorees from the Service Awards website or brochure. All honorees who remain eligible are celebrated at a Recognition Reception and those with 25 years or more are also invited to a Recognition Dinner in their honor.

II. Guidelines

A. Eligibility

Regular full- and part-time staff members who have accrued 10 years of service, and every 5 years of service thereafter (i.e. 15th, 20th, 25th, etc.) will receive notification of their eligibility and information regarding gift selections.

  1. Length of service (or service time) is governed by the service date rather than the appointment date or hire date. The service date will differ from the appointment date or hire date when a staff member was previously employed in a benefit ineligible status, e.g. time-as-reported (TAR) or temporary, or was rehired and had previous service time reinstated.
  2. When an adjustment of University of Rochester service increases a staff member’s total service to equal or exceed one of the recognized 5-year increments, the staff member will be eligible to receive the award for the most recent 5-year increment unless he or she has already received that award.
  3. A staff member who retires or terminates after becoming eligible for an award but before the awards selection procedures is entitled to receive the award.
  4. Staff members on Long-Term Disability who achieve eligibility prior to becoming inactive are entitled to receive awards earned prior to their inactive status.
  5. Staff members on Leave of Absence continue to accrue service and are therefore eligible to receive awards at the appropriate increments as outlined in IIA.

B. Procedures

Award selection materials are mailed to each honoree’s home prior to their service anniversary.  Departments are sent a list of honorees from their Division/Department who are reaching a milestone anniversary within the next month. Gifts are delivered directly to staff members’ homes.

  1. If a staff member does not receive their gift, or if there are problems with their gift once they receive it, notification must be received by the Human Resources Recognition Program within 3 months to rectify the problem and arrange for a replacement. Issues that are not reported within this timeframe cannot be honored.
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