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Spring-Summer 2000
Vol. 62, No. 3

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Nathaniel Wisch

Nathaniel Wisch '55, who completes a term as president of the Trustees' Council of the College this spring, is being honored for his service to one of the nation's premier teaching and research hospitals.

Wisch is this year's recipient of the Jacobi Medallion from the alumni association of Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the highest honor the New York City medical center awards to its alumni.

He was cited for his service as a teacher and as a member of numerous alumni committees.

Wisch also is receiving kudos for his service as president of the Trustees' Council of the College. The 34-member board advises College deans and the University's Board of Trustees on issues involving the College (arts, sciences, and engineering.)

Under his leadership, the Council has emphasized communication between alumni and the College, and between alumni and current students, and has taken an active role in helping plan Sesquicentennial events and reunions for the October 12-15 weekend.

"I can't think of a more ardent advocate for the College, its alumni, and its programs than Nat Wisch," says Bob Bartlett, associate dean of the College for Alumni Relations and Development. "His leadership has helped ensure not only that the Sesquicentennial will be a wonderful event for alumni, but also that the College will succeed well beyond that."

After receiving a bachelor's degree from the College, Wisch earned his medical degree from Northwestern University.

Wisch completed a residency in hematology and was a research assistant in hematology at Mount Sinai before joining the faculty of the medical school.

He currently is a physician and associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai.

Wisch has served as a member of the Trustees' Council of the College since 1995, and he remains a council member through 2001.

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