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Spring-Summer 2000
Vol. 62, No. 3

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Rochester Review--University of Rochester magazine


Celebrate the Past . . . Imagine the Future
Click here for details on our once-in-a-lifetime Sesquicentennial Weekend, October 12-15, 2000


Back to the Future--The Medical Center's First 75 Years

Marking the progress of the Medical Center from a gleam in the eye of two far-sighted philanthropists to the distinguished place it holds today.

Violent Knights, Holy Knights
by Scott Hauser

"We should take care not to be blinded by the light reflected off shining armor," says Richard Kaeuper, a Rochester scholar who is uncovering the dark side of chivalry.

The Physics of Paradox
by Tom Rickey

In the weird subatomic world of quantum science, the impossible turns out to be provably possible. And therein may lie an "impossibly" bright future for computer technology.


Undergraduate traditions, like undergraduate students, are a bit of a moving target. They come and go at more or less regular intervals, to be succeeded by new generations that will also leave their distinctive mark on Alma Mater.

Money? Thanks, but No Thanks
by Scott Hauser

The single-minded pursuit of worldly goods may be hazardous to your mental health, says Rochester psychologist Richard Ryan. "Sometimes," he suggests, "getting what you want can be the worst possible outcome."

Banking on a Revolution
by Christina Le Beau

Web entrepreneur Janina Pawlowski '84S (MBA): She and a partner saw a way to put loan consumers in charge. She just didn't know what it would take to get there. But now the E-loan co-founder has it all in perspective.

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