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Spring-Summer 2000
Vol. 62, No. 3

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A Nationwide Celebration!

Regional Sesquicentennial Events

President Jackson and Larry Cohen '66, president-elect of the Trustees' Council of the College, each enjoy a celebrity's welcome at the Los Angeles Regional Celebration on February 5.

Alumni and friends of the University have been gathering throughout the country this Sesquicentennial year to celebrate Rochester's 150th anniversary. From Boston to San Francisco, and from St. Petersburg to Seattle, Rochester's influence has been nationwide, and so has the celebration.

A total of 18 Regional Sesqui Celebrations are taking place in the months leading up to Sesqui Weekend, October 12-15. Kicking off in Buffalo and wrapping up in Phoenix, each celebration is a chance for alumni to reconnect, reminisce, and plan for their return to Rochester this fall.

Seattle, February 2

President Jackson cuts the birthday cake. He also addressed the audience and introduced the Sesqui Celebration video, Rochester: Then and Now.

Alumni and friends enjoy an evening at the Stimson Green Mansion.

Los Angeles, February 5

Jane Zimelis Cohen '67 and a new friend pause to reflect on Rochester's achievements.

Did the Yellowjackets get a lesson in how to sing "Happy Birthday" while mingling at the LA event?

San Francisco, February 3

Engineering Dean Kevin Parker talks with Khizaq Khan '95 and Salman Ahmed '95.

President Jackson and the Yellowjackets lead more than 275 alumni and friends at the Bay Area Regional Sesqui Celebration in "Happy Birthday to the University." The top of the Bank of America was the site of one of the Bay Area's largest alumni events.

Denver, November 30

Lola Morrow, Jody Morrow Moore '89, Jeff Moore '89, Stuart Pack '72, and Dean Paul Burgett (left to right) enjoy the Denver Art Museum. More than 100 alumni and friends from all over Colorado joined the festivities.

Michael Jacobs '66, '74W (PhD) (second from right) and his wife, Diana, and children, Jonathon (left), and Michaela (right) helped celebrate the Sesqui.

Boston, March 7

More than 350 alumni attended the Boston event. This group carved out a place of their own to reminisce.

Trustees' Council of the College member Don Peters '62 (left), his wife Judy Eggleston Peters '62, and Ted Loder '62 chat during the reception. We wonder where Ted got his blazer . . . but we're certainly happy he's still proud to wear it!

Palm Beach, January 6

Carl Angeloff '53, Seymour Fogel '51, and Pamela Angeloff were among the guests at the first of two Florida gatherings.

Nathalie Levey Goldberg '39; Roger Lathan '54, University vice president emeritus; James McKinlay III '69; Mary Sproull; and Robert Sproull, University president emeritus (left to right), offer a toast to the University while attending the Palm Beach celebration. About 90 people gathered at the Four Seasons Resort for the event.

St. Petersburg, January 8

Robert Keller '85S (MBA) and Keirn Brown '39 talk with Dean of the College William Scott Green before viewing the Sesquicentennial video, Rochester: Then and Now.

Trustee Joe Mack '55, national Sesquicentennial chairman (left), encourages Tony DeDeyn '55 and Dorothy Joseph to attend Sesqui Weekend in October. About 100 people attended the St. Petersburg event, held at the Florida International Museum.

Buffalo, November 13

President Thomas Jackson, Dean of the College Faculty Thomas LeBlanc, and University Dean of Students Paul Burgett cut the first Sesquicentennial birthday cake.

Roger Dayer, Roberta Dayer '57, chair of the Buffalo Sesquicentennial Celebration, Terry Gurnett '77, and Mary Jane Smith (wife of Trustee Graham Smith '53) (left to right) were among the more than 120 people who attended the first Regional Sesqui event.


The Sesquicentennial Web site is your place to stay up-to-date with all Sesqui events and festivities. In addition to regular updates for Sesqui Weekend, October 12-15, and photos of all the regional celebrations as they happen, the site includes:

  • Electronic postcards featuring photos of campus history and a computer rendition of "The Genesee"
  • Discussion forums for reunion classes to reminisce, make plans, and contact long-lost classmates
  • Online polls, and more. Join us online at

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