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Spring-Summer 2002
Vol. 64, No. 3

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Books and Recordings
Recent publications from alumni, faculty, and staff


Access to Success in the Urban High School: The Middle College Movement, by Harold Wechsler, professor of education at the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development. Teachers College Press, 2001.

Wechsler explores the history and growth of the "middle college" movement, an innovative effort to help at-risk youth succeed in society, over the past 30 years.

Assessments in Educational Reform: Both Means and Ends, coedited by Robert Lissitz and William Schafer '64, '69W (PhD). Allyn & Bacon, 2002.

Assistive Technology: Matching Device and Consumer for Successful Rehabilitation
, edited by Marcia Scherer '87 (PhD). APA Books, 2001.

The Complexity Theory Companion, Lane Hemaspaandra, professor of computer science, and Mitsunori Ogihara, associate professor of computer science. Texts in Theoretical Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 2002.

Originally developed at Rochester in courses for graduate and advanced undergraduates, the book is an algorithmic-oriented guide to complexity theory.

The Handbook on Self-Determination Research, edited by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, professors in the Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology. University of Rochester Press, 2002.

An outgrowth of an April 1999 conference held at Rochester, the book summarizes research programs of social, personality, clinical, developmental, and applied psychologists who explore self-determination as a motivational process.

Healing Zen: Awakening to a Life of Wholeness and Compassion While Caring for Yourself and Others, by Ellen Birx '85N (Mas). Viking, 2002.

Heart and Soul, by Sally Mandel '66. Ballentine, 2002.

In her sixth novel, the author of Out of the Blue and Change of Heart tells the story of a self-taught Long Island piano prodigy, and her journey from stagefright to fame.

Henry Ford and the Jews: The Mass Production of Hate, by Neil Baldwin '69. PublicAffairs, 2001.

"[A] fascinating book . . . For those who wonder why the story is worth retelling, it is useful to be reminded that Ford helped make possible the worldwide dissemination of the scurrilous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," and that Hitler had a portrait of Ford in his first Nazi Party office," noted a review in The New York Times.

How Much is Enough? By Pamela York Klainer '80W (PhD). Basic Books, 2002.

Nicknamed the "money shrink" by Money magazine, Klainer argues that each person's "money story" - an individual's ingrained perspective on money and what it can buy-plays a key role in personal happiness.

Introduction to Documentary, by Bill Nichols, Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History and professor of visual and cultural studies. Indiana University Press, 2001.

M-Business: The Race to Mobility
, by Marcia Robinson '96S (MBA) and Ravi Kalakota. Mc-Graw Hill, 2002.

A guide for businesspeople interested in how mobile technologies will influence the future of online commerce, the book explores the options and strategies for moving from to "m-business."

Love and Economics: Why the Laissez-Faire Family Doesn't Work, by Jennifer Roback Morse '80 (PhD). Spence Publishing Company, 2001.

New Life Insurance Investment Advisor: Achieving Financial Security for You and your Family Through Today's Insurance Products, by Ben Baldwin Jr. '58. McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 2002.

The revised and updated guidebook analyzes insurance products based on their investment merits and best overall financial returns, offering hands-on information about life insurance in its many forms, from term life to variable universal life.

No Obligation: Science and Religion In an Impersonal Universe, by Matt Young '62, '67 (PhD). 1st Books Library, 2001.

A Pair of Winners, by Jane Gordon Wilson '33. 1st Books Library, 2000.

In a fictional story loosely based on her own ancestors' move to western New York, Wilson tells the story of 16-year-old Martha Burnham and her family's travels along the Erie Canal to their eventual home in Rochester.

Principles of Web Design, by David Farkas and Jean Blank Farkas. Allyn & Bacon/ Longman, 2002.

A university-level textbook, the book leads students through the Web site design process with practical, mainstream examples presented within a framework of information architecture, rhetoric, and hypertext theory. It is part of a series on technical communication.

Quest for Quimper, by David Williamson '60 and Barbara Walker. Schiffer Publishing, 2002.

Including more than 950 photographs, the book presents an up-to-date guide to Quimper pottery in the United States and France.

The Rain of Years: Great Expectations and the World of Dickens, by the late Bernard Schilling, the John B. Trevor Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature. University of Rochester Press, 2001.

Published shortly after the death of the noted Dickens scholar, the book is a survey of the British author's novels.

The Silver Lining: The Benefits of Natural Disasters, by Seth Reice '68. Princeton University Press, 2001.

Reice, an associate professor of biology and ecology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, argues that human efforts to contain what people usually think of as natural disasters-fires, floods, earthquakes-are often counterproductive to the long-range viability of many natural environments.

Singing with Your Whole Self: The Feldenkrais Method and Voice, by Elizabeth Blades-Zeller '84E (MM), '93E (DMA), and Samuel Nelson. Scarecrow Press, 2001.

Spirituality: Living Our Connectedness, by Margaret Burkhardt '75N (MS) and Mary Nagai-Jacobson. Delmar Thomson Learning, 2001.

Voices in the Gallery: Writers on Art, edited by Grant Holcomb, director of the Memorial Art Gallery. University of Rochester Press, 2001.

The anthology includes poems, short stories, and essays by 40 prominent authors written in response to works of art from the Memorial Art Gallery's collections. Faculty contributors include Thomas Gavin, professor emeritus of English; Barbara Jordan, associate professor of English; James Longenbach, Joseph H. Gilmore Professor of English; Jarold Ramsey, professor emeritus of English; and Joanna Scott, the Roswell Smith Burrows Professor of English.


Christmasband, by Jerseyband, featuring Christopher Vatalaro '00E, Josh Valleau '00E, Brent Madsen '01E, Matthew Blanchard '01E, and Alexander Hamlin '01E. Rangletorian Records, 2001.

The progressive jazz/rock instrumental band's second album, featuring traditional and new holiday songs.

The Claudia Quintet, by John Hollenbeck '90, '91 (MM). Blueshift/CRI, 2002.

Other 2002 releases by Hollenbeck on Blueshift/CRI: No Images and Quartet Lucy.

Standing Alone, by Theodore Piltzecker '72E. Equilibrium, 2002.

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