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Spring-Summer 2002
Vol. 64, No. 3

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Class Notes--Im Memoriam


Editor's note: We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone's death. Please write to the Alumni Association, University of Rochester, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620. The e-mail address is

Mary Howell Hadley '30E, April 2001
Jewett B. Butler '31, August 2001
Catherine Woodruff Elliott '31, '32E, January 2002
Florence Briggs Robin '31, '33 (Mas), December 2001
Carl F. Paul '32, November 2001
Louise Taber Biel '33N, October 2001
Frank F. DiClemente '33, September 2001
Seymour J. Gray '33, October 2001
Richard A. Deane '34, November 1993
Charles A. Ditmas Jr. '35, December 2001
Virginia Gustafson '35E, March 2001
Pauline Spare Hamlin '35, November 2001
William E. Merrill '35M (MD), October 2001
John Corris '36, December 2001
Roelf E. Schlatter '36E, October 2001
Marjorie Johns Schaeve '36, January 2002
Mildred Stebbins Turney '36E, October 2001
Irving Bernstein '37, September 2001
William D. Rugg '37 (MA), August 2001
Robert R. Rice '38, November 2001
Elizabeth Clark Rogers '38E (Mas), December 2001
Clara Hinton Williams '38M (Mas), '40M (PhD), November 2001
Clifford C. Brumfield '39, November 2001
Lucile McDowell Burford '39N, November 2001
Mildred Banasik Mahnke '39E, September 2001
Anna Weaver '39, January 2002
Helen King '40E, '41E (Mas), October 2001
Elizabeth Hiatt Olmstead '40E, November 2001
William A. Souers '40, January 1995
G. Wilbur Westin '40M (MD), March 2001
Suzann Kennedy Ashenar '41E, September 2001
Lawrence E. Hofer '41 (PhD), November 2001
George A. Moll '41M (MD), December 2001
Ruth Phelps Yackel '41, '47 (Mas), December 2001
David S. Parker '42M (Res), January 2002
Floyd H. Stivers '42E (MM), December 2001
L. Ruth Kohler '43, January 2002
Arnold A. Nutting '43M (MD), December 2001
Francis W. Masters '45M (MD), October 2001
Thelma Davis '46, January 2002
Doris Hardine '46E (Mas), October 2001
Della Rossi Moser '46E, October 2001
Richard A. Cloward '47, August 2001
Joan Ernst Micsak '47, '48N, November 2001
Kathryn Jackson Owens '47E, October 2001
Edith Searles Porter '47M (MD), April 2001
Marie Monfredo Inda '48, July 2001
Mary Moore Kirkwood '48, October 2001
Kathleen Gill Williams '48, December 2001
Bernard H. Fox '49 (PhD), October 2001
Norman W. Gagne '50, November 2000
Sanford E. Kline '50, December 2001
Ruth Moore '50, December 2001
Charles C. Thomas Jr. '50 (Mas), October 2001
Giles F. Hobin '51E, October 2001
Carolyn Richards '51, June 2001
William E. Smedley Jr. '51M (MD), December 2001
June Northrop Barker '52, December 2001
Robert P. Burbank '52, October 2001
Merle L. Gibson Jr. '52M (MD), September 2001
John C. Bennett '53, September 2001
Bruce E. Gauch '54, December 2001
D. Michael Harvey '55, August 2001
John E. Shantz '55, November 2001
Zenon Snylyk '55, January 2002
Raymond A. Shirmer '56, December 2001
Beatrice Terwilliger Hapeman '57E, January 2002
Alden H. Hayden '58M (Res), January 2002
David P. Hegg II '59, January 2002
Frederick A. Conrad '60, December 2001
Luther M. Dey '60, January 2002
Calvin H. Cullen '61E, June 2000
Ronald W. Tatum '61M (MD), '64M (Res), '66M (FLW), October 2001
Barbara Mac Donald Murphy '62 (Mas), December 2001
Clarence H. LaCount '63, December 2001
Stephen J. Wieloszynski '63E (MM), October 1997
Wilfred L. Klatt Jr. '64, February 2002
Flora Banning Baxter '65 (Mas), March 1999
Michael S. Hurewitz '65, January 2002
Nancy Gelberg Kaplan '67, November 2001
Ruth Macaulay Bowen '68 (MA), December 2001
Margaret Paye '68 (Mas), December 2001
Margery Applebaum Blum '69, December 2001
Jane Rendleman Whiting '69 (MA), November 2001
Robert A. Yanover '69, November 2001
Robert P. Abramson '70S (MBA), September 2001
James O. Ross '70, '71S (MBA), November 2001
Achille DeBerardinis '71 (PhD), October 2001
Kim Southworth '71, August 1998
Richard H. Slivkin '72, '73S (MBA), October 2001
Daniel F. Heffernan '73 (PhD), January 2002
Kea Litvaik Lane '74, January 1998
Steven D. Levine '76, December 2001
Norman J. Silver '77, December 2001
Alfred H. Heineken '89 (HNR), January 2002


J. Bruce French, Andrew Carnegie Professor Emeritus of Physics and a leading nuclear theorist, died Friday, February 1.

French joined Rochester as a Jewett Research Fellow in 1950 and became the Carnegie Professor of Phsyics in 1965, retiring in 1992.

Among his achievements was the development of the "shell model" into a theory that provided a way to calculate the properties of nuclei, paving the way for astronomers to understand the energy sources in the cores of stars.

French was a fellow of the American Physical Society and served on many advisory committees in the United States and India. He was awarded a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, and had a large number of visiting professorships.

Contributions can be sent in his name to the J. Bruce French Memorial Fund, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627-0171.

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