University of Rochester

Class Notes

River Campus Graduate

Frank Cesare (MS) announces the birth of his fifth grandchild, Emma Claire Cesare, on September 25, 2004. Emma, Frank’s second granddaughter, also is the niece of Jon Cesare ’80.

Marianne Carlson LoGerfo ’66W (Mas) (see ’64 undergraduate).

Linda Chalmer Zemel W (Mas) (see ’66 undergraduate).

Frank Creamer S (MBA) was appointed MMA Financial’s executive vice president and executive director of the Fund Management Group. He has established a New York office for the company. . . . Robert Huang (Mas), founder, president, and CEO of Synnex Corp., was inducted into the Computer History Museum’s Hall of Fame in November. . . . Humorist Robert Skoglund (MA), known as the “Humble Farmer,” has a weekly show on Maine Public Radio. He and his wife, Marsha, own the Humble Farmer Bed & Breakfast in St. George, Maine.

John Halbrook S (MBA) will step down at the end of June as CEO of the Rockford, Ill., company Woodward Governor. He will remain chairman of the board. . . . Daniel Walkowitz (PhD) (see ’64 undergraduate).

Bruce Smith (PhD) moved from Georgetown University, where he taught for 30 years, to the University of Southern California, where he is a professor of English. He is the author of five books on Shakespeare and the literature and culture of early modern England, including a prizewinning study of sound, The Acoustic World of Early Modern England. . . . David Smith (MS), a founder and former chairman of the Infotonics Technology Center in Canandaigua, N.Y., is the center’s CEO. The nonprofit organization is a New York State Center of Excellence.

Carolyn Amick Portanova W (Mas), president and chief executive of the Catholic Family Center of Rochester, received the Athena Award sponsored by the Women’s Council of the Rochester Business Alliance. The award is given annually to the local woman who best reflects the values of business achievement, community service, and support of professional women’s advancement. . . . Richard Thaler (PhD), the Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, has been named Distinguished Service Professor. He continues his work as director of the Center for Decision Research at the school. . . . Judith Rosenberg Walkowitz (PhD) (see ’64 undergraduate).

Linda Waters Zusman W (Mas) has been elected president of the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers.

Alan Cutler (Mas), ’83M (Flw) has been named director of pharmaceutical development for Ascend Therapeutics. . . . John Danley (PhD), a philosophy professor at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, spoke at the school’s graduation ceremony for graduate students in the arts and sciences, engineering, and nursing schools last December. . . . Bruce Hutchison (Mas) (see ’76 undergraduate). . . . Phyllis Mindell W (EdD) is the author of How To Say It for Executives: The Complete Guide to Communication for Leaders, and she was appointed adjunct professor of pharmacology at Georgetown Medical School. Phyllis is a member of the Warner School’s Dean’s Advisory Committee. . . . Grace Palladino (MA) is the author of Skilled Hands, Strong Spirits: A Century of Building Trades History.

Richard VanMetter (PhD), along with Jiebo Luo ’96 (PhD), Xiaohui Wang ’97 (PhD), and two colleagues at Kodak, won the 2004 Eastman Innovation Award. The team developed image analysis and display software for digital radiography.

Roger Hodskins S (MBA) has been appointed vice president of business development for RadView Software in Burlington, Mass.

Edward Schlueter (MS), CEO of medical device and informatics company Med Graph, has joined the University’s Center for Future Health as entrepreneur-in- residence. . . . James Sharpe S (MBA), was appointed CEO of Astralis, a biotechnology company based in New Jersey. Prior to joining Astralis, he was president and founder of Ankyr Consulting.

Dave Miller S (MBA) (see ’82 undergraduate).

Michael Savarese (see ’81 undergraduate).

Timothy Gilman S (MBA) (see ’86 undergraduate). . . . Brian Meath S (MBA) has been promoted to vice president and associate general counsel of Constellation Wines U.S., a division of Constellation Brands, the world’s largest wine business, based in Canandaigua, N.Y.

Lorna Cialdella Morehead S (MBA) (see ’86 undergraduate). . . . Michael Oppedisano (MA) (see ’81 undergraduate). . . . Siddharth Pai S (MBA), ’93S (MS) has been appointed partner and managing director of global outsourcing firm TPI’s new India operations. Prior to joining TPI, Sid was managing director and head of Bearing Point India/ KPMG Consulting. . . . Bill Schneider (MA), a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin at Waukesha, was named an Arthur M. Kaplan Fellow for 2004–05. . . . Frank Sheroshek S (MBA) (see ’84 undergraduate).

Robert Rivers S (MBA) was appointed executive vice president of retail banking at Commercial Federal Corp. in Omaha, Neb.

Andrew Young S (MBA) was appointed executive director and chief operating officer for Anzon Australia. . . . Mark Zagorski S (MBA) joined MediaSpan Group as chief marketing officer. He previously was president of WorldNow, a technology and ad network for local television Web sites.

Philip Fraher S (MBA) was promoted to president and chief executive officer of Visual Numerics in San Ramon, Calif. In 2004, Philip was invited to serve on the Industry Advisory Committee of the International Supercomputing Conference. . . . L. Jeffrey Markin S (MBA) has been elected a vice president of Kodak, where he has held a number of positions since joining the company in 1980. . . . Siddharth Pai S (MS) (see ’90). . . . Marlene Puffer S (PhD) has joined PIMCO Canada as a senior vice president. She previously was a vice president at Legg Mason Canada. . . . Sydney Duncan Thomas W (PhD) is an associate professor in counselor education and cochair of the program at the University of Maine. She writes, “We serve a largely rural population, which is of great interest to me. With a number of publications, book chapters, and important committee positions, I want to say that the most important and exciting thing that has happened to me in the past few years is that I am a grandmother to a beautiful 2-year-old girl, Kacia Mae Duncan, and a 4-month old boy, Casey Ryan Kill. My family and both of my children have turned the ‘three musketeers’ into a growing and beautiful family. There is nothing better in the world if you have been an orphan than to see your family blossom before you! My accomplishments pale compared to this, but anyone can find out about the work I am doing by visiting the University of Maine’s College of Education and Human Development Web site. Much has been accomplished. Much remains to be done.”

Lawrence Kleehammer S (MBA) (see ’93 undergraduate). . . . Laurie Shon Leo S (MBA) joined as chief operating officer. The Pittsford, N.Y., company advises families about investment plans and other ways to finance a college education.

Paul McAfee S (MBA), founder and CEO of management consulting firm eXubrio, has been appointed entrepreneur-in-residence at the University at Buffalo Technology Incubator, part of Buffalo’s Office of Science, Technology Transfer, and Economic Outreach. He holds a similar position at Rochester. . . . Marina Marchioli S (MBA) (see ’84 undergraduate). . . . Joseph Scanlan W (EdD) retired in July 2004 after a 32-year career in New York State public education. He is now principal of his alma mater, Notre Dame High School, in Batavia, N.Y.

Jiebo Luo (PhD) (see ’78). . . . Maura McGinnity S (MBA) (see ’87 undergraduate).

Xiaohui Wang (PhD) (see ’78).

Christina Valvo W (MS) (see ’95 undergraduate).

Catherine Compton-Lilly W (EdD) is an assistant professor in literacy at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where she will establish a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Training Site for the state. She is the author of Reading Families: The Literate Lives of Urban Children and Confronting Racism, Poverty and Power. . . . Jonathan Leombrone (MS) (see ’98 undergraduate).

BusinessWeek Online was the site of a Rochester reunion when Aaron Chan S (MBA) was interviewed by reporter Jeffrey Gangemi S (MBA) about recruiting for Citigroup’s Financial Management Associate program. A vice president at Citigroup Alternative Investments, Aaron is in charge of recruiting at the Simon School, one of Citigroup’s 10 target schools.