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In Memoriam is a list of recent alumni deaths that have been reported to the magazine and to the University’s alumni records office. We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone’s death. Please write to Rochester Review, P. O. Box 270033, Rochester NY 14627–0033. The e–mail address is


Naomi Hull Carman ’25, April 2004
Malcolm C. McBride ’27, March 2005
Marion Richardson Bleyler ’29, November 2004
Doris Hitchcock Waterman ’30E, October 2004
A. M. Heydweiller Baumgartner ’31, December 2004
Norma Price Barry ’32E, December 2004
Marion Weston Neun ’32, November 2004
Anna Marie Rauber ’32, ’43 (Mas), June 2003
Hervey J. St. Helens ’32, ’38 (Mas), October 2003
Eli H. Cross ’33, February 2005
Eli Sokol ’33, February 2005
Loretto Leonard ’34E, January 2005
Howard A. Splitt ’34, November 2004
Margaret Sanders Stallman ’34E, January 2005
Nellie Clarke Douglas ’35E, March 2005
Edward W. Eanes ’35 (MA), January 2005
Howard A. Spindler ’35, ’38M (MD), ’43M (Res), December 2004
Richard J. Tiernan ’35, December 2004
Grace Murphy Baas ’36E, December 2004
Irma Paull Gorin ’36, March 2005
Ruth Waugh Lloyd ’36, February 2005
Harriette Montague Turner ’36, January 2005
Ionia Martin Fallwell ’37E (Mas), July 2004
Ellsworth A. Van Graafeiland ’37, November 2004
Annette Briggs Young ’37, ’38N, October 2004
Norman Ashenburg ’38, ’40M (Mas), ’51M (MD), February 2005
H. Braden Fitz-Gerald ’38M (MD), February 2005
Jane Carhart O’Brien ’38, January 2004
Ruth Levis Berner ’39, January 2005
Dorothy Long ’39, November 2004
Emily Little White ’39, March 2004
Nancy Billinghurst Countryman ’40, January 2005
Robert F. Edgerton ’40, February 2005
Arline Black Feyder ’40E, ’46N, December 2004
John H. Kistler ’40, December 2004
Max S. Matheson ’40 (PhD), January 2005
Milton Sandel ’40E, January 2005
John A. Spurgeon ’40E, December 2004
Charles T. Tuke ’40, January 2005
Jane Hewes Weber ’40, September 2004
Isabelle Devaux Yost ’40, November 2004
Gladys Okeefe Yunker ’40N, December 2004
James F. Bradley ’41, ’46 (Mas), February 2005
Barbara Reisert Lagow ’41, January 2005
Jane Maloney Maher ’41, February 2005
Charles H. Miller ’41, March 2005
Richard H. Williamson ’41M (MD), November 2004
Charles R. Doherty ’42E, ’43E (Mas), September 2004
Sidney Gilbert ’42, March 2005
Charles N. Gleason ’42, ’49 (Mas), March 2005
Donald N. Morrison ’42E (Mas), January 2005
John M. Newell ’42, January 2005
Yolanda Izzo Barker ’43, December 2003
Doris Johns Cherry ’43, January 2005
Margaret Wood Donovan ’43N, December 2004
Ralph G. Victor ’43M (MD), January 2005
Charles E. Weber ’43M (MD), November 2004
Patricia Magowan Clark ’44M (MD), January 2005
Benedict J. Duffy ’44M (MD), January 2005
Gloria Yngve Sharp ’44N, November 2004
Sydney P. Spence ’44, November 2004
Emma Vollmann Albers ’45N, July 2004
James H. Campbell ’45, March 2005
John R. Holmes ’45M (MD), February 2005
John K. Kintigh ’45, March 2005
Catherine Mirabito Boon ’46, ’47N, December 2004
Mary Celentano Dugger ’46, January 2005
Alice Jackson Lund ’46, March 2005
Nellie Northup Sterling ’46, December 2004
Virginia Randall D’Amours ’47E, January 2005
Robert L. Tuttle ’47M (MD), November 2004
Michael A. Chirco ’48 (Mas), March 2005
Marion Paduano Gast ’48, September 2003
Weston S. McKane ’48, January 2005
Kate Watkins Pratt ’48, February 2005
Ruth Humphrey Ralston ’48E, January 2005
William C. Combs ’49M (MD), November 2004
John M. Dieterle ’49, December 2004
Edna Horsey ’49 (Mas), January 2005
Richard N. Pugh ’49 (Mas), October 2004
Alice VanKrevelen ’49 (PhD), July 2004
Margaret Zacheiss Cook ’49, ’58 (Mas), March 2005
Gloria Conger Brodersen ’50, October 2003
Charles E. Capel ’50 (MA), May 2004
Homer W. Cotton ’50, January 2005
John D. Fahy ’50, ’54 (MS), March 2005
James A. Frankus ’50E, ’51E (MM), December 2004
Charles R. Galbrecht ’50, July 2004
Phyllis Saffran Grant ’50E (MA), November 2004
Richard M. Lacy ’50, February 2005
Irwin Miller ’50, February 2005
William G. Nyhof
’50, December 2004
Richard P. Sexton ’50M (Res), January 2005
Robert G. Yaeger ’50, December 2004
Warren B. Cheston ’51 (PhD), March 2003
Cutler J. Cleveland ’51, December 2004
Angelo P. Gatto ’51, January 2005
William G. Hirschman ’51, February 2005
John F. Starkweather ’51, December 2004
Frank S. Zahniser ’51, November 2004
D. Allan Bromley ’52 (PhD), February 2005
Sr. Mary David Callahan ’52E, March 2005
Audrey Morse Etz ’52N, December 2004
Richard S. Gilbert ’52M (MD), February 2005
Wayne J. Gilmour ’52 (Mas), February 2005
E. Marshall Goldberg ’52, January 2005
A. Roger Hauck ’52, January 2005
Thomas R. Lane ’52, February 2005
Eugene P. MacConnell ’52, ’59W (Mas), December 2004
Marilyn Adler Miller ’52, December 2004
Anthony J. Taffs ’52E (Mas), February 2005
Louise Barrett Brewer ’53, December 2004
Lyle G. Bunville ’53, January 2005
Kathryn Fyfe ’53, December 2004
Herbert Hawlk ’53E, November 2004
Donald G. Langsley ’53M (MD), January 2005
Margaret Bledsoe Schofield ’53E, January 2005
James R. Burnett ’54E, November 2004
M. Charline Hopkins Daniels ’54N, February 2005
Robert E. Milani ’54M (Mas), December 2004
George A. Platt ’54M (Res), January 2005
Marjorie Cowan Van de Poel ’54E, November 2004
John P. Bader ’55, ’60M (PhD), January 2005
George R. Ramsey ’55, November 2004
Kathryn Barnes Holyer ’56, September 2004
Laplois Ashford ’57, December 2004
Donald W. Disbrow ’57 (PhD), January 2005
Carol Nichols Lewis ’57, January 2005
Andrew McKane ’57M (Mas), July 2004
Peter N. Synnestvedt ’57E, ’59E (MM), July 2004
Marian Werner ’57, August 2004
Edith Wingate ’57, November 2004
Donald E. Terwilliger ’58M (MD), ’62M (Res), October 2004
Jerome R. Kaplan ’59, February 2004
Murray J. Maybee ’59, March 2005
Doris Sullivan Spencer ’59W (MS), December 2004
Carolyn Wilhoyte ’59E (MM), September 2003
Jerry L. Bowder ’60E (PhD), February 2005
Patricia Eddy Coburn ’60, January 2005
John F. Disinger ’60W (Mas), March 2005
Betty Nye Gordon ’60, September 2004
Clarke O. Dennison ’61S, February 2005
Thomas B. Watt ’61M (PhD), February 2005
Robert E. Atwell ’62, March 2005
Willard B. Christiansen ’62M (MD), December 2004
Ernest J. Rookey ’62W (Mas), December 2004
Virginia Davis Strand ’62, ’62N, January 2005
Catherine Merle Colebrook ’63 (Mas), ’67 (PhD), September 2003
Robert P. Hewitt ’63S, January 2005
Jane Fersko Koch ’63W, November 2004
Mary Miller ’63N, November 2004
Richard L. Stear ’63, ’65W (Mas), November 2004
Marion Connor Moran ’64W (Mas), March 2005
James L. Mourer ’64S, December 2004
Hyacinthe Tlucek ’64E, December 2004
Frank E. Hammond ’65S, January 2005
Pamela Tenz Dawson ’65, February 2005
Lowell E. Wilcox ’65, ’66 (Mas), ’70 (PhD), January 2005
Joanmarie Burnham ’66, December 2004
Lester H. Roxin ’66, November 2004
David M. Ryon ’67, ’68 (MS), December 2004
David G. Treichel ’67, January 2005
Robert B. Caton ’68 (PhD), January 2004
Edward W. Latz ’68W (Mas), January 2005
Joseph P. Zigadlo ’68 (MS), November 2004
James S. Bartlow ’69, February 2004
William H. Anckaitis ’71S (MS), February 2005
John M. Connor ’71, February 2005
Clark A. Miller ’71S (MBA), January 2005
Alan J. Witten ’71, ’75 (PhD), February 2005
Mercedes Farley End ’72W (Mas), December 2004
Vernon Whaley ’73, November 2004
Zbigniew M. Inwalski ’75, September 2004
Charles V. Grizzanti ’76, December 2004
Kenneth A. Kemp ’76, March 2005
Christine Morrell ’80, ’84W (MS), March 2005
Emily Bernstein ’81E (MM), January 2005
Stanley Bolanowski ’82M (Flw), January 2005
Grace Muratore DiNoto ’82, February 2005
George F. Wemett ’82, November 2004
Lynn Akam ’85W (Mas), January 2005
William S. Bomar ’93E, January 2005
James S. Ely ’93 (MS), December 2004
Reni Celeste ’99 (MA), ’03 (PhD), December 2004
Dylan C. Hendrickson ’99, March 2005


Edward Harris, a member of the Board of Trustees for two decades, died March 16. He was 92.

A third-generation partner of the Rochester-based law firm of Harris Beach, Harris was elected to the board in 1970 and served as a voting member until 1983. He resigned as a life trustee in 1990. He also was a member of the boards of Strong Memorial Hospital and the Memorial Art Gallery.

Memorials in his name are being accepted by the Genesee Valley Conservancy, 1 Main St., Geneseo, NY 14454.

Sol M. Linowitz, former chairman of Xerox, noted American diplomat, and a trustee for more than 10 years, died March 18. He was 91.

With Joseph C. Wilson ’31, Linowitz helped turn the small Rochester company Haloid into the international copying giant Xerox, which he led as chairman from 1960 to 1966.

Elected to the Board of Trustees in 1954, he served until 1967.

Linowitz went on to become ambassador to the Organization of American States during the Johnson administration. He later helped negotiate the transfer of the Panama Canal to Panama, and he represented the Carter administration in Middle East peace negotiations that followed the 1978 Camp David accords.


John H. Morton ’54M (Res), professor emeritus of surgery and former clinical director of the emergency department at Strong Memorial Hospital, died February 6. He was 82.

A past president of the Monroe County Medical Society, Morton graduated from Amherst College and earned his medical degree from Yale University. He completed an internship and residency at Strong before joining the faculty.

Contributions may be made in his memory to the Third Presbyterian Church, 4 Meigs St., Rochester NY 14607, or the Nature Conservancy, 1048 University Ave., Rochester, NY 14607.


Ruth Watanabe ’52E (PhD), librarian of the Eastman School of Music’s Sibley Music Library for nearly four decades and namesake of its special collections department, died February 26. She was 88.

Watanabe began her career at the library as a student assistant and became a full-time staff member in 1944. After being named librarian in 1947, she oversaw the library and the growth of its collections until her retirement in 1984.

A native of California, Watanabe had earned three degrees from the University of Southern California when she was interned in a camp for Japanese Americans during World War II. Learning of her situation, then school director Howard Hanson invited her to Rochester to work on a Ph.D.

In 1996, the library celebrated Watanabe’s 80th birthday by officially renaming the special collections department the Ruth T. Watanabe Special Collections.

Gifts in her memory can be made to the Sibley Music Library, 27 Gibbs St., Rochester, NY 14604.

Because of an error in the way information about deceased alumni is processed, the In Memoriam section in the Spring 2005 issue of Rochester Review did not properly list the name of Bruce S. A. Gillies ’84M (MD), who died in August 2004.