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In Review

. . . and at the Eastman School of Music
sa_esmEASTMAN TEAM: Naoki Toyomura ’17, ’18E (T5), left, and Seiji Yamashita ’20, ’20E (Photo: J. Adam Fenster)

Naoki Toyomura ’17, ’18E (T5) and Seiji Yamashita ’20, ’20E were elected this fall to lead the Students’ Association at the Eastman School of Music on a platform of improving communication between students and the Eastman administration.

Naoki Toyomura ’17, ’18E (T5)

President, Students’ Association

Eastman School of Music

Auckland, New Zealand

Piano performance major at Eastman; economics major in the College; Take Five Scholar, with a program called Japanese Language and Culture.

Seiji Yamashita ’20, ’20E

Vice President, Students’ Association

Eastman School of Music

San Jose, California

Jazz piano performance major at Eastman; international relations major in the College

What do you hope to accomplish?

Toyomura: We feel there’s been a lack of dialog between the students and the administration regarding things that are important to students—dorm policy, food, where our money’s going, that kind of thing. We want to help improve that dialog and advocate for students.

Yamashita: I think, additionally, we want a more functional Students’ Association. If that means having reports, having student data, and presenting it to the administration in a clearer way, we’ll do that.

What would you like people to know about you?

Toyomura: I’m very interested in business. My business, Music Admit, is a higher education music admissions company. I take people who come from overseas and help them find good schools and teachers. When I was going through the process, I knew the top two or three schools, but I didn’t know each school’s strengths or which teachers were better. My business helps in that regard.

Yamashita: I really like dogs. I’m on pretty much every dog Facebook page you can find. I have a German shepherd named Kenny at home. Dogs are a huge part of my life.

Toyomura: I must say, his Snapchat and Instagram accounts do get pretty full of dog videos and dog photos.

—Interview by Jim Mandelaro