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The Little Book of Pain Management

By James Woods et al

University of Rochester, 2019

Woods, a professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Medical Center—joined by contributors from the Medical Center’s departments of anesthesiology, psychiatry, surgery, and others—offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the biology and management of pain.

Decoding Persistent Depression: Book Two—Mind and Body Mysteries

By Roger Di Pietro ’04M (Pdc)

Lulu, 2019

In the second book in a series, Di Pietro, a clinical psychologist in private practice, explores common perceptions of mind-body dichotomy, the conscious and unconscious, the role of emotions, defining neurotic characteristics, the diverse origins of problematic perceptions and goals, and the functions of various symptoms.

Passing Fancies in Jewish American Literature and Culture

By Judith Ruderman ’64, ’66W (MA)

Indiana University Press, 2019

Ruderman, a visiting scholar of English at Duke University, explores the phenomenon among American Jews of “passing” in and out of Jewishness, showing the ways in which American Jews have balanced deep engagement in Jewish history with an understanding of identity as fluid and multifaceted.

Extremism and Violent Extremism in Serbia: 21st-Century Manifestations of an Historical Challenge

Edited by Valery Perry ’92

ibidem Press/ Columbia University Press, 2019

Perry explores the varieties of extremism in Serbia and their interconnections. While much attention has focused on the threat of ISIS–inspired groups, she argues that far-right nationalism and neo-Nazi movements pose the greater threat. Perry is a consultant and a senior associate with the Democratization Policy Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Winter Army: The World War II Odyssey of the 10th Mountain Division, America’s Elite Alpine Warriors

By Maurice Isserman ’79 (PhD)

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

Isserman tells the story of the US Army mountain troops—the first specialized alpine fighting force in American history—who broke the last line of German defenses, in the Italian Alps, in 1945. Isserman is the Publius Virgilius Rogers Professor of American History at Hamilton College.

Dr. Angela Longo’s Quantum Wave Living Workbook: Tools for Discovering and Living My Eternalself

By Angela Longo ’70

Balboa Press, 2019

Longo offers a self-help workbook intending to guide readers “to an understanding of how a quantum worldview can be used to structure a successful life.” She has a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

Claude Debussy: A Critical Biography

By François Lesure; translated from the French by Marie Rolf ’77E (PhD)

Boydell & Brewer, 2019

Rolf presents the first English translation of Lesure’s comprehensive biography of the influential composer Claude Debussy. Rolf is senior associate dean of graduate studies and a professor of music theory at Eastman. The book is part of the Eastman Studies in Music Series.

The Red Ribbon: A Memoir of Lightning and Rebuilding After Loss

By Nancy Freund Bills ’76 (MA)

She Writes Press, 2019

In a memoir of love, grief, and survival, Bills reflects on her life after a freak lightning strike left her husband dead and her son in critical condition. Bills is a retired clinical social worker.

Principle Based Enterprise Architecture: A Systematic Guide to Enterprise Architecture and Governance

By Ian Koenig ’82

Technics Publications, 2019

Koenig provides a guide to Principle Based Enterprise Architecture, or PBEA, a method of enterprise architecture he honed as chief architect most recently of LexisNexis, and before that, Thomson Financial and Reuters.

Case Studies in Interventional Cardiology

By Mark Eisenberg ’85M (MD)

McGraw-Hill Education 2019

Eisenberg’s e-book includes firsthand accounts of 50 cardiac catheterization cases featuring coronary anomalies and severe complications that may occur during coronary angioplasty. The accounts are accompanied by videos and self-review questions. Eisenberg is the director of the MD/PhD program at McGill University in Montreal.

The Last Offering

By Donald Graff ’87

BookLocker, 2019

Graff’s debut novel “tells the tale of the lovers Pazhè and Atirin, sundered by deadly sorceries and the return of a forgotten evil in an ancient land.”

The Vatican’s Vault

By Barry Libin ’65

Milford House Press, 2019

Through a story of intrigue and murder, Libin explores divisions within the Catholic Church as well as the commandment “thou shall not covet.”

Connected: The Emergence of Global Consciousness

By Roger Nelson ’62

ICRL Press, 2019

Nelson describes the Global Consciousness Project, a 20-year research program stemming from his work at Princeton University’s Engineering Anomalies Research Lab, and other scientific work on human consciousness.

Barry Baskerville and the Buried Treasure

By Richard Kellogg ’70W (EdD)

Airship 27, 2019

Kellogg presents the sixth volume in his detective series designed to help young readers develop problem-solving skills.

Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry Book for All the Non Poets

By Michael Lee ’90

Lulu, 2019

Lee presents a collection of whimsical poems and sketches for children. The book includes illustrations by Lee and his 10-year-old daughter, Jessica.

Billionaire’s Paradise: Ecstasy at Sea

By Peter Antonucci ’82

Willow Street Press, 2019

In his debut novel, Antonucci tells a tale of the scandalous lives of a group of socialites in Manhattan and the Hamptons who purchase and live on a mega yacht.

Lost in Startuplandia: Wayfinding for the Weary Entrepreneur

By E. Keller Fitzsimmons ’93

Lioncrest Publishing, 2019

Fitzsimmons presents a field guide of personal “trials and triumphs, as well as those of other entrepreneurs, to share our most valuable lessons for surviving start-up failure.” Fitzsimmons is a cofounder of Custom Reality Services, a virtual reality (VR) production company.

The Joy of Cruising: Passionate Cruisers, Fascinating Stories

By Paul Thornton ’79S (MBA)

BookBaby, 2019

Thornton offers anecdotes, stories, and profiles of cruisers from around the globe. He lives in Fort Myers, Florida.

Stick Up for Yourself! Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem (Revised)

By Gershen Kaufman ’69 (PhD) and Lev Raphael

Free Spirit, 2019

Kaufman coauthors a revised edition to the book originally published in 1999. He has also released A Teacher’s Guide to Stick Up for Yourself! An 11-Session Course in Self-Esteem and Assertiveness for Kids (Free Spirit). Kaufman is a professor emeritus of psychology at Michigan State University.


Grace Williams: Chamber Music

By Madeleine Mitchell ’81E (MM)

Naxos, 2019

Mitchell and her London Chamber Ensemble perform world- premiere recordings of music by Welsh composer Grace Williams. The recording was featured in March as the Guardian’s CD of the week. Mitchell is a professor of violin at the Royal College of Music in London.

Brahms: String Quintets

By Maria Lambros ’85E

Naxos, 2019

Lambros, a violist and faculty member at Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Conservatory of Music, performs with the New Zealand Quartet, which includes first violinist Helene Pohl ’85E.


By Shauli Einav ’08E (MM)

Berthold Records, 2019

Jazz saxophonist Einav presents his sixth album as a quintet leader.

Winds of Change

By Alexa Tarantino ’14E

Posi-Tone, 2019

Jazz saxophonist Tarantino presents her debut recording as a band leader. Performing in her quartet is trombonist Nick Finzer ’09E.

Dupré: The American Experience

By David Baskeyfield ’14E (DMA)

Acis Productions, 2018

Organist Baskeyfield performs music of legendary virtuoso Marcel Dupré.

Max Stern: Retrospective

By Max Stern ’69E

Israel Music Institute, 2019

The Israel Music Institute presents a retrospective recording of biblical compositions by Stern, a professor emeritus at Ariel University.

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