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Pay Equity




The Susan B. Anthony Center partners with the Coalition on Pay Equity (C.O.P.E.) to raise awareness on the wage inequalities that still hinder minorities and women from achieving financial security and top management performance.

The Center is proud to host and co-sponsor events during the annual Pay Equity week, a week that symbolized how long a woman has to work into the following year to make equal wages to her male counterparts’ annual wage. Kate Cerulli, Director of the Susan B. Anthony Center, believes networking and mentoring lie at the heart of pay equality, for this reason, the Center also promotes and supports an annual event, National Girlfriend’s Networking Day.

From July 2015 through January 2016, the Center disseminated a local survey to gauge the scope of wage inequalities in the Rochester area.


Upcoming Events:

Equal Pay Day 2023


Past Events:

Student Salary Negotiation Workshop – May 22, 2020


Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act

The Paycheck Fairness Act (Senate Bill S. 819, House Bill H.R. 1869) is a national bill designed to correct problems with the 1963 Equal Pay Act. It currently has 48 cosponsors and needs to be moved out of committee. You can help!

Download the PDF using the link below and print it double-sided on cardstock. Do not print on plain copy paper: this is too thin to mail as a postcard. Cut using the marked guidelines and cut horizontally across the middle to create two postcards per sheet.

Mail this postcard to your elected officials urging them to bring this important bill to the floor.

Download Postcards


Equal Pay Day

This annual event brings awareness to Pay Equity Week, a week that focuses on the gender wage gap that still stands today. On a national level, women earn 80% on average of what men earn, across all professions and distinctions. The pay gap is even worse for older women (yes, it gets worse as you age!). We also have further to go for minority, disabled, and LGBTQ+ women.


Past Events

2020 Equal Pay Day/ #EXTRA80

2019 Equal Pay Day/#EXTRA80

2018 Equal Pay Day

2017 Equal Pay Day

2016 Pay Equity Day Event