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University Research Awards

The principal aim of the University Research Award (URA) program is to provide seed money to enable the development of new, innovative research projects with a high probability of attracting external support in the short term. Proposals that seek to establish or further develop new collaborations and multidisciplinary research teams will be favorably received. Recipients of a URA are expected to show that they have applied for external funding within 18 months of the end of their URA project period.

The URA program is primarily meant to further stimulate the research of faculty who have moved beyond research support provided by the University as part of their initial start-up period. Faculty who still hold such funds are eligible to apply, but an explanation as to the unique necessity for additional funds (e.g., why their existing funds are insufficient for the new project) should be provided.

Eligibility and funding amount

The URA program is a matching program, which means that the University matches the funding of an applicant’s home school. Currently, only Arts, Sciences & Engineering, the School of Medicine and Dentistry, and the School of Nursing participate. An award of up to $37,500 from URA will be made as a match to funds committed by the applicant’s home school for a total up to $75,000.

Application timeline

Proposals and submissions for the University Research Award program are invited once a year, during the fall semester with a winter deadline, for projects starting the following fiscal year (July 1).

Applications for FY25 awards are now closed.

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