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Disclosing Collaboration and Support

Any international research connections and collaboration should be disclosed to the University, as well as to any U.S.-based funding agencies supporting the research.

Research details should be shared before the international collaboration begins. If the research collaboration is already underway, researchers should disclose that information to the University and relevant U.S. funding agencies. Researchers should issue updates as changes occur and/or requests for information are made.

How to disclose research collaboration

The Office for Global Engagement supports the University’s international collaborations. Researchers should consult the office when negotiating an agreement with an entity outside the United States.

The Office of Research and Project Administration (ORPA) supports the management of funded research projects and related agreements. This office can serve as a central point of contact for any funded research projects involving international collaboration. Find your ORPA Research Administrator

Always involve OPRA early in the process, including prior to any participation in a foreign talent program. ORPA will assist researchers to ensure grants and contracts protect University research and that international sponsors are in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Guidance on collaborations with entities or individuals in the Russian Federation

The University has developed guidance for researchers engaging with organizations funded by the Russian government, considering both a recent New York State executive order and White House guidance. This is a rapidly evolving regulatory area and New York State and federal regulations regarding activity with Russia may change at any time. The University is actively monitoring the situation and may have to revise its guidance in the event that applicable laws or regulations change.

Disclosing “Other Support”

“Other Support” can come in many forms, such as resources and financial support, both domestic and foreign. University researchers should ensure they disclose all applicable “Other Support” as required by federal sponsors.

“Other Support” should be reported on an “Other Support” or “Current & Pending” form. Most U.S. federal sponsors will have their own guidance on how to complete “Other Support” forms. For example, some sponsor guidelines may require all sources of support be disclosed, regardless from where they are awarded.

Explore a compilation of U.S. federal agency “Other Support” requirements

It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual researcher to ensure the “Other Support” statement is complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge. If you find an omission or error in a previous submission that should be corrected or have other questions, contact your ORPA Research Administrator

For more details on all of these guidelines and policies, download our International Research Guidelines PDF

Download the full guidelines

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